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17th of Nov, 2007 by User225703
Hello and Greetings to All. My name is James Morgan of the former Dragon Spells LLC and current Dragon Spells. I have been retired for over a year now however I continue to to work with Miss Windglows on her site of Blood Love And Lust Spells found at in the capacity of a magical Adviser only. My old site of Dragon Spells is now utilized as a Information Site only to Blood Love And Lust Spells and no longer takes clients on of any kind period. My active part in the Blood Love And Lust Spells company is in helping Jan out with her counseling program in my free time to which I don't receive any compensation for, because as I previously stated, I am in fact retired. This brings me to my personal account and dealings with Mary Prantil. Mary came in to Jan's site for some spell work. Jan had reservations about this case however did reluctantly accept Mary's case despite the fact that this person had been engaging in some rather odd activities regarding the paying of her fee. There was talk between Jan and I about rejecting this case on the grounds of deception however being the good hearted person that Jan is she proceeded to take the case despite these questionable actions or activities on Prantil's part. Looking back now we both regret ever taking this person on for any kind of work as this individual has proved to be any spell caster's worst nightmare to say the least. As you read these following paragraphs below, please keep in mind that this is what I witnessed and experienced not to mention observed as a private citizen performing a free service out of loyalty and respect for Miss Windglows and her site. After Miss Prantil's package arrived, Jan began to take her through the spell process however Prantil was a high maintenance Client from the start and very hard to work with and thus I volunteered to take this counseling case on so that Jan could obtain some relief in the way of not having to deal with this particular Client. Also so she could move on to handle other Clients with more serious problems. What I'm about to explain to you in the following paragraphs below would be my own experience in dealing with this particular individual on through the counseling part of her spell. My Opinions and personal observations are just that. My personal account of what I again, personally experienced, heard, and saw during the progression of this person's case. In other words my truthful testimony to the actions of Mary Prantil's behavior and or actions concerning the spell process that she was engaged in with us at the time. Firstly, Mary understood and agreed to follow all the clearly posted site policies and to remain within the clearly posted spell criteria to which she didn't in the remotest sense now that it's all said and done. Why am I taking the time in writing not to mention posting this?. For far to long have people such as Prantil NOT followed the rules and made the lives of those around them including their Casters miserable by entering into a spell process or any kind of life event doing and saying whatever they want to whomever they wish. This is where we as Spell Casters take A Stand by not putting up with persons like this anymore. This is where we start pointing the finger of blame back at the Client who doesn't want to listen to good advice given. For Far to long has certain individuals appeared on sites like this pointing the finger of blame by blaming their Casters for their short
comings. This has to end. These Clients slide around back and fourth between sites while stabbing the very people that are trying to help them in the back. It's hard to help anyone when they don't care to follow the rules or moreover refuse to listen to the Caster's advice. It's hard for the Client to receive valid spell casting assistance when all they want to do is throw money at Casters and are not willing to educate or even help themselves on any real level. In my OPINION, Mary Prantil is by far the worst of Clients and a "Magick Site hopper" to boot, who likes to go around ripping off magick sites after they have performed her work for her. She does this by charging back on them or moreover bad mouthing them up on the forums such as this one. She tends to do this even if her spell is granted believe it or not. If your a Spell Caster reading this and you run across Crazy Mary then DO NOT ACCEPT HER CASE, because she will NOT listen to any of your instructions. She will waste your time and effort on absolutely NOTHING. It won't be worth the fee that you charge her. Then she'll go on to bad mouth you in any way she can by posting false allegations against you or moreover start filing false reports against you with any State or Federal Agency that she possibly can, just because she didn't get her way with you, or her spell such as what she is currently doing with us on this site of "Rip Off Report". Mary Prantil is a highly obsessive, arrogant, and shallow person that tends to dominate an entire telephone conversation and does not give you a chance to get a word in edgewise then she WONDERS WHY you do not want to get on the telephone with her. Mary likes to blatently abuse site services as she did with Jan's service of spiritual counseling. Mary likes to write as many as 15 to 20 E-mails a day while making a pest and or nuisance of herself while also leaving numerous messages on your telephone answering machine. Her telephone calls will tie up your phone line with long and meaningless conversations that can range from one to three hours. She has Absolutely NO CONSIDERATION WHATSOEVER about any others that may wish to speak with you that day. Mary Prantil doesn't care what you are doing at the time as long as you take her calls anytime of the day or night to no matter if her calls are emergency related, regular calls, urgent calls or just a regular call. Should you be taking a shower, "busy" in the bathroom or no matter where you are or WHAT you are doing, she would still insist on talking to you about all of her drama even when she calls and is told that you are engaged in another matter and cannot speak to her, it does not matter to her, even if you are right in the middle of casting a spell or helping another client on another phone line, she has no consideration at all.....and just keeps you detained.... This girl is one pathetic mess. After you manage to get her off the phone and she hangs up then she will proceed to send yet more e-mails. If you do not address them within an hour after she sends these worthless emails she starts calling up again on the phone at all hours of the day or night asking the very same questions that were addressed in the two or three hour phone conversation she had previously with you. She MESSES up her spells by doing the very exact things you previously ask her Not to do countless times before, yet she never seems to hear or remember what you have told her . Moreover, she tends to blame her spell caster and everyone else because her spell did not work as a result of her direct negative actions and or violent behavior. If she gets mad at you she will then tell you that you that you are a dishonest person, a freak, a con, announces to you that she wants a refund, and how you ripped her off, and also calls you very bad names, verbally assaults your gender, and appearance etc. Even though I'm not a doctor of any kind and and don't profess to be, after seeing this behavior first hand, I personally consider Miss Prantil to be a Psychopath with a uncontrollable temper who fly's off of the handle when ever she again doesn't get her way on any level. Prantil is a pathological or habitual Liar that doesn't retain facts very well. She is very controlling, and dictates to you how you should do your work with total disrespect and no regard whatsoever even when your trying your hardest to help her. No matter how nice or kind you are to this person the fact is that Mary Prantil is someone that hardly anyone can stand to be around because she turns into an evil vindictive Bit _ _ if she cannot dictate to you exactly how she feels her work should be done or the way people should respond to her LOL. Miss Prantil is again, In my opinion a PUSHY, Ignorant not to mention the Sorriest Excuse for a human being that I've ever had the misfortune of encountering in my 27 years of magical practice. This women is a Evil Hypocrite. Lier. Cheat. Bull Shi _ Artist just to mention a few things that I've noticed about her personally. She has no problem in stirring up trouble for not only professional people but private people around her in her personal life as well. This Bit _ _ doesn't care about anyone else or who she has to hurt while trying to fill her own perverse sexual void. She believes that if she wants someone or feels her twisted brand of love for another, it doesn't matter what they want as long as she can dominate them. I consider Mary Prantil to be Perverse. Uncaring. Crude. Obnoxious. Bigoted and moreover Narcissistic. and or passive and aggressive type of personality and or individual who is totally out of control in every respect and or regard of trained mindset or thought process. I know of at least two Magic Sites who have been ripped off by Miss Prantil and several other persons that have been subjected to her unbridled fits of raging cursing over and over again. I myself have been subjected to her wrathful ignorance on numerous occasions via the telephone and email. Again, In my opinion Miss Prantil doesn't possess the ability to listen or discern the most basic of Instructions not to mention the capability of following any sort of spell criteria to no matter how simple it might be. As far as I'm concerned, Miss Prantil is a self-absorbed individual that is all about herself and or is wrapped up in only what she wants out of life and moreover could care less about those around her or what they need in life. She has no respect or regard for Divinity or the people trying to help her. She just wishes to throw money at a person while saying, "here fix it for me", with very little or no effort on her part. Mary liked to take what was convenient for her out of our spell process while disregarding what wasn't convenient for her. Miss Prantil also likes to engage in making others feel bad about themselves via her domineering disposition and loud, crude remarks about one's physical appearance and lifestyle. If the fact be really known everyone would be interested to know that Mary Prantil is nothing more then a ageing anorexic female with a possible drug addiction judging from her hyper and overly emotional behavior, who furthermore finds comfort in the fact that she can cause conflict for others. Perhaps she actually finds meaning to her life by creating havoc in a persons life. Furthermore, if she can in some way cause others to feel bad about themselves, then she can achieve a feeling of being more superior over those same others. Who Knows what goes on in the mind of a person like this. You've Been Warned About Crazy Mary.....SO, ALL SPELL CASTERS PLEASE BEWARE!!!!!! James
Driggs, Idaho

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