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Matthew Olyphant
He Gave me Herpes and Gonnorhea
22nd of Sep, 2012 by Casey68
I am not the angry ex girlfriend before anybody attacks me or this post. I have no need for vengeance but I am stating facts and warning other women about Matthew Olyphant and his irresponsible behavior by not telling me he had herpes. I also wonder if he didn't give it to this woman who is mentioned in several posts and comments??

I do not want to get into too many details but I dated Matthew Olyphant a few years back for a couple of months. I broke things off because he and I had very different parenting skills (his son was out of control) and Matthew Olyphant did not share my enthusiasm for life. He was a couch potato who could have used some exercise and therapy. I sound mad but we parted on decent terms and I just wasn't attracted to his lifestyle one bit. I never once saw him abuse drugs or assualt anybody so that sounds like an imaginary story intended to harm him, but I cannot speak for that woman.

I ended up in the emergency room for the gonorrhea and there discovered I had a severe case of herpes. I guarantee you it was from Matthew and I would not post this if I had doubts. He denied it and flew off the handle when confronted but that only made him seem lower than before. He went as far as to call me a slut and a liar. We never spoke again after the call I made to confront him about not telling me. He was out of control.
3048 days ago by Roxanne68
I happen to know that Matthew Olyphant gave my good friend a case of herpes and definitely never told her he was infected. Later after she split with him she met another girl he dated and they got to talking about him and she was able to confirm he knew he had herpes and just didn't bother telling women he dated. I think he has had herpes for about 20 years from what I heard from my friend. She did not get Gonorrhea from him but I guess that gets cleared up and is not the same as herpes. Sorry to hear you ended up in the emergency over the gonorrhea though that can cause serious complications if left untreated. I am lad to hear you are doing well though.You are smart to stay away from Matthew Olyphant and I have not dated him but I have partied with him many times and I do know he uses drugs and has a very reckless lifestyle especially for being a parent. I read on another post here on this site that he failed to pick his son up once because he was having sex. Gross.
3047 days ago by Unbelievable111
This report, as well as others, regarding Matthew Olyphant is bogus. Matthew is the target of a disgruntle ex-girlfriend who was caught cheating by Matthew. The interesting thing about this ex-girlfriend is she carries this grudge for over a year. Her goal is to totally destroy Matthew by posting these slanderous reports. As you can see, the report is anonymous, as are the others. However, some of the posted reports on the internet sometimes have a name attached as an author, but those names are false.

This ex-girlfriend lives in Texas and Matthew lives in California and their relationship lasted only a few months due to distance. Every single accusation this ex-girlfriend has posted is false. Legal actions against the ex-girlfriend are ongoing.

I am a licensed private investigator in California, hired by Matthew, to assist in halting these false and malicious reports.

Chad Yeager
3047 days ago by Innis
Hi Diana, well, in case you didn't know it, two can play your game.
3047 days ago by Kittycute
Diana Jo Prause, Cedar Park, Texas, of Dell Computer Corp
319 E Parmer LnAustin Texas 78753 United States of America

Here is a photograph of her:

The above mentioned individual is responsible for this false report.

Here is the real story:
3047 days ago by Fightingmad
Innis and Kittycute who is one in the same your loyalty and love for your man is touching. I am very touched. By net month you should have figured it out. You might want to schedule a doctor's appointment soon. It clearly states that this Diana woman did not write this post. Herpes is nothing to be ashamed of but it should be managed and disclosed.
3047 days ago by Maggi
Now, Diana, you have to think of some more fake reports to write. This scenario with curable illnesses hasn't got enough punch.

What about a scenario for a fake report where Matthew gives you some never-before-discovered disease which is incurable and gives you permanently the jolly itch on your smelly and hairy froglet? And when you touch it, it becomes even worse, so you end up not being able to touch it.

The original "report" in this thread is courtesy of:

Diana Jo Prause, Cedar Park, Texas, of Dell Computer Corp
319 E Parmer LnAustin Texas 78753 United States of America

3047 days ago by Fightingmad
I am amazed by how many women Matthew goes thru. Maggi, Innis, Kitty (all one woman and all his girlfriend) you are at least number 6 just this year alone. Do not fool yourself into thinking you are any different. Matthew considers women as sex tools and he might be a great fake but you will soon find out that he desires a new smelly hairy froglet and yours will be tossed. Why would anyone want that FAT SUCKER anyways? He's about as smart as a velcro shoe and original as a sequel. He's got you fooled ad you seem clever but so have others. He still has some of those hanging around defending him. I think you all should enjoy a polyamorous relationship together and just be revolving froglets he might like that and he will get fed more that should be a great benefit. He loves the food. Stupid women at least you know enough to keep your name private because in your heart you know you mean nothing to him.
3047 days ago by Dianajoprausefromtexasstalkspe
He's so hot and sexy and you miss him in your bed, now all you can do is wank over him.

Women want him, but he only has eyes for women who are faithful and has some decent personality and some form of intelligence.

One thing is certain, Diana Jo Prause, Matthew didn't give you Herpes and Gonnorhea, the married guy you screwed while dating Matthew gave you those diseases.

Anyone coming across this post whould know that this woman, Diana Jo Prause from Texas got STD's so don't date her, she just revealed it here for us all on the Internet, be safe, you can contract STD's not only from intercourse, but oral engagement as well, be careful.
3046 days ago by Dianajoprausefromtexasstalkspe
Gross, Diana, you just admitted you got a hairy and smelly froglet to the whole world, I mean, geez, some things you should keep private. You referred to other women's vaginas as also being hairy and smelly which means yours are. I quote you: " will soon find out that he desires a new smelly hairy froglet and yours will be tossed."

No wonder for almost 2 years you still don't have a new boyfriend, with your bad hygiene. Seriously Diana, go and have a wash and shave, you smell.
3046 days ago by Tanna
I dated Matthew and he told me upfront that he had herpes which was fine because so do I and he wasn't bothered about it like some men are. I thought it was great we had so much in common all the way down to our STDs. i t was not break when I discovered that he gave me a bacterial infection my doctor said was caused from multiple sex partners so he was cheating and he does cheat on all women.
3046 days ago by MTrimble
Hot and sexy Matthew Olyphant wanted by all women and wanked over by men and women has viscous sores on his wanker. Be warned that the experience of a lifetime with People Magazine's most sexy man alive will leave it's mark on your wanker or froglet but it's worth it. Right? Since he married a call girl (that's nice talk for hmm hmm one of those women associated with street corners) and stripper like any respected member of society would do and then had offspring with her, he has had it all. Blood work wouldn't hurt Innis, Kitty, Maggi or more commonly called Matthew's new stripper. None of you are fooling anyone except yourself. I imagine you are all easy to fool with the dimwits ballpark of Matthew Olyphant to guide you.
3046 days ago by Liratree
Proof? Stamped signed document with your test results? Photos undoubtfully identifying Matthew? Anything?? Nothing of course.

Diana, you are so sad and miserable. You can say things about Matthew until your last breath, none of them will ever be true.

To anyone coming across this post:

Don't date Diana Jo Prause from Texas who works at Dell computers. She will first cheat on you, (already contracted STD's from her own words in this thread) then give you her STD's, then when you break up with her, this is the result, hundreds of fake reports with all sorts of gory non-existant realities.

If you came across this post through Google. Please keep calm and pretend you are busy for some weeks, then very slowly break off with her for her not to suspect you know about all of this. Be safe people.

It may be advisable for you to change your identity, get rid of all your phone numbers, e-mail addresses and if possible move home, she will stalk you in the most brutal manner you could possibly imagine.
Also, someone mentally ill like her, could become excessively dangerous, so keep your children and family safe.

Diana Jo Prause, Cedar Park, Texas, of Dell Computer Corp
319 E Parmer LnAustin Texas 78753 United States of America
3046 days ago by Alexisinthehouse
Just thought I would point out that this innocent man Matthew Olyphant also apparently dates married women. Why is it ok for him to date married women but people are attacking this woman in Texas for dating a married man? There's a lot about Matthew Olyphant that none of you know. Get ready Innismaggilirasaytrajulieloritiffanymelissaheather, or Matthew's newest dumb dumb, because you will be over the moon come Christmas when you get that special stuffed animal you have been dreaming of getting. My friend said it was the best gift she ever received. This guy needs some counseling. He married a much older stripper but he gets upset about nude photos and he buys grown women he is sleeping with stuffed animals. He's more of a weirdo than any of you know. Still learning about his newest girlfriend must be number 6 this year so far but she's screwed up that is for sure. Ask the BIG GUY how long his longest relationship has been. Haha he's 13 for life.
3045 days ago by Jong
OMG, that is so sweet and thoughtful for a guy to buy his woman a stuffed bear, shows he's still got a soft place in his heart and always be young at heart, never be apart of this corrupt adult life of women who only want expensive gifts and not care about the man. :) Is he single? I would love to date him :) Wish there were more men like that.
3045 days ago by TannaR
It's really pathetic when my day includes checking the Internet to see if there are we derogatory posts about me that amount to absolute lies about my character. For the record, and the person who is bent on destroying my reputation, I have not engaged in these posts or made comments a out this nonsense. It this has gone on far too long and I am out of patience or hope that common sense will prevail. I did not write the comment above a out Matthew and myself. Anybody with an operas brain should know that. Neither Matthew nor I have any stds and posting such sophomoric attacks has somehow caused this to sink to a new level of low. Any person with self respect and appreciation and respect for the people they shared time with would never take to the Internet to settle an imaginary score. Whatever the cause of your anger, you only worse. It by harming yourself and others. Of course he has dated's been nearly 2 years, but he has never sought revenge or harm to you in all that time. I'm sure he was hurt but he processed that in private like an adult and moved forward. Matthew owes you nothing. I sure in the hell don't owe you anything and you clearly know nothing about me. I do not date a lot of men or carelessly sleep around, use drugs or treat people poorly. I am also not married as you wrote on a other site yesterday and I have no children that I neglect. I barely know Matthew and have not seen him ages. I am not now nor have I ever been his girlfriend...the person who has been stalking him since long before I dated him made certain I would not be in his life for long. This should be common knowledge to you since you orchestrated all of it. Whoever Matthews girlfriend is is none of your business and trying to manipulate his life will never work so move on. Continuing to attack me will render consequences eventually even if it has to wait until your next life for karma to kick in. People who know me know this is nonsense but you are targeting those who don't and I'm sick of it. Beyond sick of the point of not willing to stand for anymore of it. What that means is up to you to interpret but trust me when I say I intend to fully follow through with this threat. Yes, it is a threat. So If you have an attorney on hand I suggest you consult him and find out how to proceed from hereon out. I promise you you will not skate away undinged. Nevermind that you are like some cutter who posts relentlessly despite slicing up your own arms. That fact makes you a creep in my eyes and somebody I'm not willing to analyze or make predictions about because you are off my radar of understanding. This requires professional intervention and I am fully prepared to pursue just that. You
At have permantly marred my reputation but you have not destroyed my spirit or my belief in natural justice. I will continue to move forward and love my life regardless of you and you will reach a point where you look back at the destruction you leveled against others and yourself and curse your inability to get past Matthew and allow him the right to live a normal life. Just because somebody told you lived you years ago does not mean you have exclusive rights. Things change...but if you hadn't caused all of this pain you might still know he loved you on another level...but you have caused him to loathe you. Major fail. I hope you understand what I am saying here and take it seriously because I do.
3009 days ago by Reasonable
AMEN! No one believes this dribble about you and Matthew - not a word. This person is transparent and C to the R E E P Y! Best of luck to you both. Goodness will prevail.

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