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Ormsby Auto
Ormsby Auto Billed me materials they did not provide Derwood, Maryland
11th of Apr, 2011 by User963440
8 months ago I took my 1995 Dodge dakota truck for some repairs

I wanted them to repair the brakes

Replace the radiator

Replace the glass in driver side mirror

Replace Overflow Bottle

When I arrived I had a radiator still in the box in the Bed of the truck, I did not inform them of this fact when I ordered the repairs - they called me after leaving the truck in their possesion and told me they liked to use OEM radiators and I said that as fine ( the one I had in the bed was from Advance Auto and not OEM )

they fixed the Brakes to my satisfaction but the mirror is a mirror assembly stripped off another vehicle and does not work with my interior adjustment and is starting to rust already (I only wanted the glass replaced as the assembly was in perfect condition)

They billed for new

The Overflow bottle is my old bottle with the cap removed and a inferior cap replaced on it and the crack in it fixed with some type of glue or melted plastic

They billed me for new

The radiator failed while still under warranty with a internal leak causing water and transmission fluid to mix - in the radiator and in the transmission causing my transmission to fail -the radiator is not OEM and may be the one from the bed of my truck bed but

They billed me for new

I am taking them to small claims court, they refuse to communicate with me

3427 days ago by FrankDavarya
Response from the owner of Ormsby Auto

We received Mr. William’s complaint letter on April 5, 2011, and dated on the envelope April 4, 2011 by US Post Office. Per his request, we responded in a timely manner within a week via registered mail on April 11, 2011.

As the owner and manager of Ormsby Auto, I am very sensitive and responsive to my customer’s complains. When I read his letter, I got very sorry to see Mr. William has gone through such a pain, and at the same time, I felt bad why we were not given any chance to resolve his problem. All of our repairs are backed by 12, 000 miles or 12 months warranty and he never returned his car to us for any warranty claim.

In our response letter to Mr. William, we offered him our assistance and I promised him a speedy resolution to this issue. I am attaching our letter of April 9, 2011, which was mailed to Mr. William, via USPS registered mail, and dated April 11, 2011.

As of today, May 4, 2011, we have not received any response back from him, and we hope Mr. William will take a positive look into this matter, and allow us to evaluate his case and help him with a fair and just solution. Above dates can be verified, as we have retained his dated envelope, and the receipt of our registered mail to him from post office.

The following is our response to Mr. William. His full name, phone number, and his address are omitted to protect Mr. William’s identity:

15850 Somerville Drive • Rockville • MD • 20855
April 9, 2011

We received your complaint letter as post marked April 4th, 2011, and received April 5th, 2011. We are very sorry to hear you have been experiencing problems with our repair dated 08/14/2010. I wish you had informed us immediately and had given us a chance to correct any and all issues to your satisfaction as you were covered with our 12 months / 12, 000 miles warranty on all work performed by us. Here at Ormsby Auto, customer satisfaction is our number one priority and that is why we back our service with full warranty on both labor and parts, which is stated in every invoice we submit to our clients.
I would like to address each and every issue brought to our attention in your letter. I will reference the issue as stated by you from your letter and then responding accordingly.
1- Your Statement: “When I arrived I had a brand new radiator still in box in back of the truck bed that I had purchased from a store, I did not inform you of this radiator since I thought it may be inferior to a product you may recommend. You called me and said Radiator in cooling system was defective and needed to be replaced and that you used an OEM product that you highly recommend, I concurred and said please install OEM Radiator. “
Response: We did not know about your part and as a normal practice, we called you with our diagnostics and offered you our service with exact cost before taxes. You approved our offer and we performed the repair. I would like to add that, we are not allowed to make any repair without your prior approval. We had not performed radiator service when we called you to ask for your approval. If you refer to your invoice, this is clearly stated by us that no client is charged for an un-authorized repair performed by us.
Secondly, here at Ormsby Auto, we have selected trustworthy local “third party” part suppliers from which we purchase all non-factory parts. This is in addition to different dealers which are factory part providers. We only recommend parts provided by these suppliers, since years of experience and business relationship have proven the parts to be reliable. We do install parts provided by clients and we charge only for labor but we do not warrant customer provided parts.
Thirdly, due to lack of any standardization, there is a perception of definition for terms such as “OEM”, “Geneon OE”, “Third Party Part”, “After Market Part”. The definitions do change from place to place, or factory to factory. Our understanding, which we think is the majority understanding in our business, have the following definitions:
Factory Part – Has manufacturer logo, and is licensed by the manufacturer, and sold by the manufacturer.
Geneon OE Part – Does not have manufacturer logo, but manufactured by a second factory under license by the original manufacturer with exact specification, and exact material, and not sold by the manufacturer.
OEM Part – Does not have manufacturer logo, not licensed by the manufacturer, but manufactured with exact specification of the manufacturer which may or may not use exact material.
Third Party Part or After Market Part - Does not have manufacturer logo, not licensed by the manufacturer, but manufactured with equivalent (not exact) specification of the manufacturer, most of the time can be used to make the repair but not always
Generic Part - Does not have manufacturer logo, not licensed by the manufacturer, may not be manufactured with equivalent or exact specification of the manufacturer, may or may not fit an specific repair.
Any part we use is a part from above categories, depending on our experience or customer request. I checked our records and there was no specific requirement mentioned in your file. Based on our records, we did not offer you a factory part, and we did not charge you for the price of a factory part.
2- Your Statement: “the radiator is plastic, and I suspect it is the one I had in the back of my truck which was missing when I picked truck up which you told me you would use an OEM product”
Response: The proof of purchase for the radiator is in our file and available for your review. A copy is attached as exhibit 1. It was purchased from “Radiator Warehouse” and it is made for the specification of your truck. It is not Geneon OE or Factory part, but it is OEM part. It could be exactly the same as the part you purchased or it could be different as we have not compared them side by side or verified the manufacturer of your part.
You have stated your part was missing from your truck. I wish you had made the claim for missing box right at the time of pickup. I am sure we would have responded favorably. Since it is some eight months ago, and after over 1500 cars in and out of our shop, our memories could be mistaken, but I remember, you make the claim of the missing box at the time of pickup, and we did return the box to you.
At the same time I would like to explain why it might have been missing in the first place, which was not a matter of unethical act but a matter of mistake: During a repair, sometimes mechanics forget and leave their tools or some parts in the car. We have a policy of independent last (third) inspection of the car, before it is released to our customer. It is the duty of the last inspector to test drive the car, pickup any tools or parts which might have been left by mistake, and then release the car. It is possible, the last inspector might have thought your box was one of our parts left in your truck by mistake, and had picked it up and set it aside to be identified. Since you had not originally informed us you had such a part in the truck, I assume we had not tagged it or made a note of it to avoid confusion.
This issue was just a matter of confusion, and I apologize for our mistake, but I remember we returned the part to you at the time of pickup after you brought the issue to our attention. I would like to add, honesty and truth are integral aspects of our business which can never be deviated under any circumstance.
3- Your Statement: “the overflow bottle is not new but my old one which was repaired with melted plastic or some type of glue and the cap taken off and replaced with some inferior cap of some kind”
Response: The proof of purchase for the overflow bottle is in our file and available for your review. A copy is attached as exhibit 2. It was a factory part with factory cap and all attachments. It was purchased from “Darcars Chrysler Jeep of Rockville”. I wish you had given us the chance to inspect your car prior to any additional repairs so we may prove our case or you may prove your claim. I am sure the new part was installed in your car, as we run this shop with strict policy of high ethics. As an observant owner of your vehicle, you should have used our 12 months/12000 miles warranty as we stand behind our work and honor our warranty in full.
4- Your Statement: “the mirror replaced with a mirror that does not fit correctly and does not allow the merchanized mirror adjustment to function.”
Response: The mirror was a third party item and not an OEM or better. I am sure we had discussed this with you and upon your authorization, we make the repair. Since mirror is a very visible item, and not hidden under the hood, you as a user, after one week of having your car back, you would have felt the problem if it was of a great importance or not. If you had made a complaint of its functionality, we would have either replaced the part or refunded your money. I assume it is still possible to do the same, and we stand behind our warranty offer, to make proper repair to your satisfaction.
5- Your Statement: “Now 8 months later and radiator has failed, it developed a hole internally causing Transmission fluid and Antifreeze to mix in the radiator – And- in Transmission causing Transmission to fail and my loosing three weeks of work to have trans rebuilt and radiator to be replaced.”
Response: We reference our warranty policy again, which we fully protect our clients for the work we perform. You as our client, you are protected by this policy. We have received no phone calls from you, or any warranty claim, regarding your car’s failure. I am sure we would have done our best to make good and honor our promise to you and help you in every way possible, such as a loaner car to continue your business while your car is in service.
6- Your Statement: “This comes to $3200, this will cover the transmission rebuild and new Radiator.”
Response: We are ready to make good in every aspect. For us to be able to process your claim, we need the following information to validate your claim:
a- A copy of the invoice for each repair performed during the last 8 months (we may request the original copy for verification purpose), indicating the repair shop name and phone number, type of work performed, and parts used.
b- Proof of payments for each repair. Either credit card statement, canceled check, or bank statement indicating cash removal for cash payments.
c- Bringing your car for our inspection. Inspection will be performed at your presence.
d- Bringing defective parts which were installed by us, but was removed since then from your car, to be inspected by our staff. It is possible you may have not kept these parts. Inspection of these parts by our staff can strongly enhance your claim.
e- The proof of mileage on your car at the time of your transmission repair. This should be available from your transmission rebuild invoice.
Per your request, we have responded to you within one week. We have provided you with the proof of purchase, supplier information, and our payment information with check numbers and date the checks are written. You can verify these independently from our suppliers or you are welcome to come here and review original documents. Unfortunately, you did not submit any warranty claim at the time of truck breakdown, which complicates verification process. Since our policy, as stated above, is full customer satisfaction, we stand ready to help you in everyway, and this is only possible by evaluating and investigating your case to validate your claim, and that is not possible without providing above information.

In addition, I would like to emphasize that, as the owner and manager of this organization, I run a tight ship, where honesty and integrity have never been sacrificed under any condition. We are all human, mistakes happen, but they are rare in our shop, and when it happen I make sure it is fully resolved to our customer satisfaction. In your case, you have not provided us with any proof, and I can not agree to your claim blindly. By providing above requested information, I promise a speedy resolution to your case.
I am looking forward to working with you and I will do my best to reach a decision in your favor once our fault is proven.

Best regards,

Frank Davarya
Owner / Manager
Ormsby Auto
Office: 301-258-1923

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