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Steven Christian Dupont
Steven Christian Dupont Steven Christian Du Pont Ponzi Scheme, Scamming Women Internet
7th of Nov, 2010 by User943129
Steven Christian Du Pont (its actually Dupont), is not who he claims to be. He claims to be an investment broker, a Managing Director and many other things. The truth is that this man is a con artist and scammer and his past history proves it beyond a reasonable doubt.

In 1992 according to the Rhode Island Barrington Police Department, he was charged with assault.

In 1994, the Barrington Police Department had charged Steven Dupont which involves $25,000 that a Boston man invested with Dupont in the form of a note that was not repaid. A civil case involving the charge is still active, according to attorneys.A spokesman for the Suffolk County District Attorney's office said prosecutors agreed to drop the criminal charge when Dupont put $27,000 in an escrow account. The Suffolk district attorney's office had issued a written statement on Aug. 25 calling Dupont a "suspected associate of fraudulent investment broker." It said Dupont had "avoided authorities" for a year and a half.

Again in 1994 in Barrington, R.I., he pleaded not guilty to one count of Larceny in which Suffolk County Officials said Dupont allegedly worked out of his offices at 50 Congress Street in which officials report that Dupont had stolen approximately $20,000 from investors.

In 2006, Mr. Dupont was convicted of Credit Card Theft, Credit Card Fraud and Theft in which Mr. Dupont was romantically involved with the male victim. Mr, Dupont had used his American Express and First Premiere Credit Cards for unauthorized purchases.

Then sometime in 2008 in Maui Hawaii, Mr. Dupont had an unauthorized use of a Credit Card totaling in the amount of $7000.00 from a former ex-girlfriend to Travel to New York, New Jersey and Boston; and had conned $25,000.00 out of her. That money was to be used for a Montessori School in New York in which Mr. Dupont had told her that that's how much it would cost her to file for the permits in New York City. She never saw any paperwork and never saw her school open. She also had given Mr. Dupont and extra $7000.00 to help her with a legal case with Maui Attorney David Sereno. According to Mr. Sereno, he only charged $1500.00...for her case. Mr. Dupont had lied and kept the remaining $5500.00 for himself. That same year, the former ex girlfriend had filed a TRO on him. He later was arrested for violating the TRO. In retaliation, Mr. Dupont had helped his ex-girlfriends ex-husband win a custody battle over her son, and resulted in a 1 million dollar payoff to her ex-husband in which Mr. Dupont received a handsome sum; according to documents filed, Mr. Dupont helped her ex-husband with a business venture located in Kihei, Maui called Kiano Cafe and in turn, bilked a $150,000.00 bill for "rendered services" over to his ex-girlfriend and demanded payment by use of legal threats. During that same year, Mr. Dupont had conned $5000.00 from another woman who I will name B. (for identity purposes).

Now in 2010 in a phone conversation with a woman from Boston who I will name Ms.Y. (again for identity protection), Mr. Dupont had flown to Boston to collect $100,00.00 in which according to documents filed, Ms. Y. received 10% of Mr. Dupont's Street Search Development's 20% partnership interest in Opunui Water Company LLC in which a Mr. Jeff Podesta, Mr. Dupont and a Mr. Nelson Waikiki Jr. all had set up. According to State of Hawaii Records, Opunui Water Company LLC is owned by Nelson Waikiki Jr. and Mr. Dupont is its Managing Director and a Mr. Doug Carillo Jr. of Maui, who is listed as an "investment accounts manager" (Source: 11/19/2009 Facebook page of Mr. Carillo Jr.).

Documents filed shows that Mr. Waikiki Jr. had hired the services of a Consultant from Maui. The owner, had terminated the contract for non-payment and also for Mr. Waikiki Jr.'s and Mr. Dupont didn't seem legitimate. In a phone conversation with the owner, he stated that Mr. Waikiki Jr. and Mr. Dupont both are involved in illegal activity in which most likely would be described as a "Ponzi Scheme". He also stated that he does not know if Mr. Carillo Jr. is involved or not. I have also spoke to other people who Mr. Waikiki Jr. also have hired the services of; a Solar Company Rep. to install Solar Power to a water meter and also a metal fabricator to fabricate a special container to hold the water meter. All of these people that Mr. Waikiki Jr. had hired, had provided services for Mr. Waikiki Jr., and according to my conversation with them, till this very day, none have gotten paid. They were scammed out of their hard work.

Upon research, Mr. Dupont, Mr. Waikiki Jr. and Mr. Carillo Jr. have conned, to my count so far 18 people with a gross total of over $232,000.00, most in Maui alone and I can certainly guarantee you, there are more innocent victims out there. Many of the victims I have spoke to ALL have confirmed that before there was an "investment" into Opunui Water Company LLC, they all met at Maui Attorney David Sereno's Office with Mr. Waikiki Jr. and that they gave the investment money to Mr. Waikiki Jr. because it seemed legitimate due to the Attorney's involvement. ( Im not quite sure if Attorney David Sereno is involved or not but it seems quite clear that he used alot by Mr. Dupont and Mr. Waikiki Jr. for their shady deals. I can assure you that Mr. Sereno is being closely watched)

In a filed document, there is an Extortion plot against the Makila Land Company owned by Development mogul Peter Martin. In a hand written letter to the Makila Land Company, Nelson Waikiki Jr. had listed a list of Demands from them:

1. Payments to be made to Mr. Waikiki Jr.:
15 Million, after taxes
$2.4 Million for a Home
55 Thousand for a BMW Vehicle
$100 Thousand for non-profit Opunui Trust Fund
$50 Thousand for education
$50 Thousand for Waikiki Judo Academy

Grand Total: $17,655,000.00

The document also stated that Makila would contract Opunui Land & Water Company LLC to handle all water concerns and negotiate monetary back pay settlement for past years of usage. And that Makila must repair the access road and that the Water usage by Peter Martin and its affiliates would be metered and invoiced for payment. According to Mr. Waikiki Jr.'s former associate within the Opunui Water Company, a Mr. Keeamoku Kapu would be the one involved in the payment process since they are family and that Mr. Kapu lives within that general area.

There is a criminal investigation that started in 2009 on Steven Christian Dupont, Nelson N. Waikiki Jr. and Doug Yoshito Carillo Jr. by the Maui Police Department and the State of Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. Records indicate that Steven Dupont (Steven Christian Dupont or Du Pont) resides at 71 Holomakani Drive in Kula, Maui with his current girlfriend Kay Bergstrom, who probably has also unknowingly been financially conned by Mr. Dupont. Nelson Nahino Waikiki Jr. has a listed address at 16 Ohia Leo Place. Wailuku, Hi 96793 However,this address is partly owned by Wailuku Water Co. Avery Chumbley. This is the business listed address for Opunui Water Co. LLC and Opunui Land and Water Co. LLC. Mr. Waikiki Jr. resides back and forth with 2 women, A Maui Court Reporter, Heather Petrovic ( who is listed as the "Agent" for Opunui Water Company LLC.) and Caren Pantezzi of Hawaii Families As Allies. According to Court Documents, both women have Restraining Orders on each other, however Mr. Waikiki Jr. bounces back and forth between both of them. I guess you can say this is good news (perhaps), records indicate that one victim had been paid back in full of $3500.00. by Mr. Dupont and Mr. Carillo Jr.. This has been confirmed. (However, I am slightly confused that the money was repaid by Mr. Dupont and Mr. Carillo Jr. and not by Mr. Waikiki Jr.).

Over all, it seems that this continues to go on in Maui and innocent victims are getting swindled by these gentlemen. Remember, if things sound to good to be true, they probably are...

If you are a Victim of these people please call the Police.

On another note, I have read the scam Reports posted by Mr. Dupont and apparently it seems that Mr. Dupont has it out for this"alias Kealii". Rest assured Mr. Dupont, I can honestly admit that I am not he...although I do admire his and this MadScorpian's courage and tenacity to seek justice.

2529 days ago by Venice1
Nishijima-Blaisdell & Associates Kealii Blaisdell Fraud, & Extortionist Internet
*UPDATE by author: Alias, Ke'alii Blaisdell, Alias, 'Madcrab, ' etc., 'Aneurysm, ' of 'Ethics, ' & 'Intelligence, ' II

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Nishijima-Blaisdell & Associates
Waihe'e Street
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Category: Lawyers
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Keali'i Blaisdell, is Not an attorney.  He does Not have a law degree nor does he have a license to practice law in any State.  

Keali'i Blaisdell, is an 'Alias.'  'Keali'i Blaisdell, is not his family name.  Alias, Keali'i Blaisdell, is an assumed name.  The primary reason for this masquerade by this fraud, - he is a crime syndicate member.  His family name, is synonymous with crime in Hawai'i.  

Alias, Keali'i Blaisdell, masquerades as an attorney.  

He pretends to be an authority on Native Hawai'ian Law, Native American Law and Hawai'i, Washington, Oregon & California State Law.  

The reason for this pretense by this fraud, - to avoid court ordered child support payments.  *He has failed to support his children.  

There are court ordered warrants for his arrest in the United States.   

This alias, Keali'i Blaisdell, intentionally, terrorizes and harasses his victims with threats of violence if they report him to the authorities.  

This alias, 'Ke'alii' 'Blaisdell, ' a.k.a., 'Ke'alii' 'Aiken, ' has fabricated, and created fictitious Internet essays, and articles, - recruited the complicit, and the idle, to his obsession with Steven Christian Du Pont. 

If you or anyone else has been victimized by this alias, Keali'i Blaisdell, please report him to the Federal Bureau of Investigation ('FBI') and/or your Police Department, immediately. 

When you learn that the earth is round you see that the previous mysteries are not solved; instead, they are rendered irrelevant. 

When this alias, 'Ke'alii, was finished, his fantasy had become so confused with reality, he could no longer separate his fantasies from truth.  

This alias, 'Ke'alii, ' claims that even dismissed cases are not dismissed, - 

this alias, 'Ke'alii, ' claims that even sisters are not sisters to you, - 

with this alias, 'Ke'alii, ' regardless of where you reach or search, the truth for "Ke'alii, " is absolutely, - unnecessary.

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