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UST Development
UST Development US Telecom David Bell, Brandon Tomeric Bell David and Brandon Bell of UST Development, US Telcom are moraly bankrupt crooks and liars.
22nd of Aug, 2011 by User634901
I was hired by Brandon Bell to work for UST Development. I was never paid a single penny. I took UST Development and Brandon Bell to court and sued them for $2500.00. which was the amount owed to me. The court awarded me judgement (it was open and shut case) and I then started trying to collect. First off Brandon Bell told me that "he had no intention of ever paying me a dime." I had to file an order with the courts compelling him to appear in court with the proper financial documents. These documents were required at the first hearing but Brandon Bell disregarded the court order. At the second hearing date, Brandon Bell failed to appear so I had to file for a bench warrent. The warrent was served and a new court date was scheduled. At the hearing Brandon appeared again without the court ordered documents but did appear with his brother David Bell. I spoke with them both in the hallway of the courthouse as directed by the judge to try and come to some sort of resolve. The Bell boys told me they had filed bankruptcy both as a company and personally...this should also be a major red flag when considering any involvement with them. They then asked me what it would take to resolve this matter and close it up. At this point it had already been over a year and I was tired...tired of the Bell's, their games and total disregard for anyone else. I can not put into words the hardship not being paid by UST and Brandon Bell put apon me and my family. His should suffer half as much. I agreed that if UST, Brandon and David Bell would just pay me for the money I was out for all the court filings and service fees, I would go away. The amount was a scant $250. They both agreed and then the REAL fun began. First David Bell told me he would pay me and to just stop by his office later on that day...he wasn't there and the doors were locked. Two days later he finaly returned my calls and said he had to wait until the end of the month when all checks were writen and paid out. On the 3rd day of the next month I contacted David Bell to ask if my check was there. He told me it had showed up but the name on the check was wrong so he hads to send it back but a new check would be issued in the next day or so. Three days later David told me to stop by the office and my money would be waiting for me. I stoped at his office but the guy there said he knew nothing about a check, had never heard of me, and that it was between David Bell and myself. I immediataly called David and was told he forgot to leave the check but he was heading to the office and would call when he arrived so I could then stop by and pick up my money. He never called. Over the next two weeks I spoke with David Bell several times and each time he apologized for the way things were going and that he was going to be in his office later and would call me...he never called. So I started driving by his office periodically and one day found David there. I parked my car and went into the office where I found a smiling David Bell acting like I was an old friend, he shook my hand and asked me back to his office where he eagerly apologized once again, claimed he was going to make up for my troubles, and proceeded to write me a check in the amount of $300 ($250 for the agreed amount and an extra $50 for my troubles). This check was writen on a UST Development account at Chase Bank. After leaving Davids office I promptly went to the nearest Chase Bank branch and tried to cash the check. The teller said the check was no good. I then called David who informed me that the account was a "something something" ( I dont recall his exact words) accont and I needed to just deposit the check. I deposited the check into my WellsFargo account and "Presto." Three days later the check was returned by my bank unpaid. I called David Bell and he acted suprised and said he would give me cash and to just bring the check by for a trade. He said he would "be at the office later" and that he would "call me when he arrived." He never called. I called him a few more times and head the same line of B.S. so I quit calling. I went to the police and filed a report since writing a check on a bad account is "Fraud" but the police are understaffed and the amount was to small for the D.A. to really do much about. I have no doubt David Bell knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote me the check and has done it before. Duringf this whole time I had been leaving Brandon Bell messages but he neve once answered or returned my calls. They are both Liars, a Cheats, and about the most dishonest men I have ever met. These guys would steal from their own mother and then lie to her Priest about it...Stay Away From the Bell Brothers. There are hundreds of honest companies to work for and to employ for services...avoid any company with David Bell or Brandon Bell having any involvement.
2826 days ago by Invoiced
I just recieved an invoice for $175.00 with 800-818-9777 and on it. I have no idea who this company is and what this invoice is for. I found t his posting and thought I'd share this infomation.
2822 days ago by KTM 525
Ditto That, I just received the same Invoice Dated 8/01/2011 $175.00 for "Telecom Maintance/Service call." Bet they are sending this out to every company and hoping the A/P Dept doesn't check with IT to see if it's Legit.
2818 days ago by Desk
I received the same invoice with a 30 day past due. I have had no contact with this company whatsoever.
I will call them and if they can't give me an explanation my next call will be to the state attorney's general office.
2818 days ago by Kbpooky
Same here...and 30 days past due!!! Never even heard of these guys. They seem to be sending out random invoices, hoping some idiot will figure he forgot to pay a bill and just send the money!! I called the 800 number and was informed that that person was NOT avail.!!! Ya THINK???!!! My invoice was dated 8/30/2011. It also addressed to a company but has my home address on it. CRAZY!!!
2816 days ago by Tng
Same here. I've called multiple times only to get David's voicemail after clicking "Current Client" option in their voice tree. 8/1/11 was the date of our invoice for $175 for "Telecom Maintaineance/Service Call." Oddly enough, it was sent to a building we no longer occupy since we moved in June.
2816 days ago by Bbell1204
Good afternoon all, I thought I would post that I have found this is to be a legitimate company with about 25 people working there. They have been in business developing properties as well as a certified low voltage installer( phone systems wiring etc) we took them up on their offer which does say on their invoice " preventative maintenance" and that "this is not for service rendored" We called them and asked for their services with re-wireing our complex and repairing 3 stations that needed programming. They were there the next day (last week) and the dept manager offered to credit our $175.00 already spent towards the 8 hours of work. Coincidentally prior to them stepping foot on our property, our voicemail acted up and they were able to fix that as well..It is a marketing tool but nothing more than a magazine subscription would be when they send out a invoice when you recieve your last issue. And as far as the contact I have been able to reach someone each time that I have tried. Good luck to all
2815 days ago by MAP
To Bbell1204 --> are you the same Brandon Bell, brother of David Bell, involved with multiple complaints and law suites related to unpaid employees? It's amazing the amount of information Google can give you with a single search of the company name.

I received the same fake invoice from this company, going straight to the trash bin.
2815 days ago by Bettybazanga
Total scam. My husband's company just received the invoice for $175 too, stating it was for 'preventative mantenance.' I am looking forward to sending them $175 in fake bills from my daughter's Melissa & Doug money set. Desperate a**wipes.
2815 days ago by Anonymous
Received a bogus bill from UST Development, Inc. No one answers the phone or returns calls. 30 days after the bill arrived, a Statement of Account arrives saying the bill is late. This is outright fraud. BTW, Bbell (see comments above) is most likely one of the perpetrators or is on their payroll.
2815 days ago by Leslied
Got the same fake notice in the mail. It says I owe $175 from a prior invoice. Doesn't even bother to say what it's for. A phone call to the company resulted in nothing by voicemail----not one person picked up.

I'll be filing a complaint with the USPS for mail fraud.
2813 days ago by JonWBaker
Same exact scenario as everyone else. Receieved a Statement showing an overdue Invoice for $175.00. Never heard of this company. Tried to call, got voice mail everytime, and no one bothered to return my calls. Finally GOOGLED the company name to see what I could find out about this company, and found you site. Thank you so much for your help, and letting everytone know about these people.
2813 days ago by BurnUST
Want to call these guys or visit them at home? How about stopping in and asking their wives what it's like living with criminals!?

David Bell:
Home 818-248-3197
Cell 626-831-2397

Here is a little info on their wives:

David and Branden sucked money out of a handful of construction projects to start up a Spin studio. These guys are crooks living behind the corporate veil, knowing full well the lawsuits would continue to pile up, they put the spin studio's (3 locations in southern California) in their wives names. Cindy is Davids wife, and Michele is married to Branden.

UST Development is currently operating with a suspended license.
The line "The license may be suspended at a future date for failure to comply with an unsatisfied final civil judgment." refers to the 80k+ judgement awarded to the city of Indio and former employees of UST that were never paid.

These guys don't pay their employees,
2813 days ago by Another_UST_burnvictim
The most recent post by BurnUST is very accurate. Pedal Spin Studio wouldn't have ever been able to I know the company all too well, and as a former employee am battling with lawsuits and judgements against me when I was just another employee that had no say-so or financial involvement in the company. They have had several lawsuits against them and all of their aliases and DBA's since I've known of them. Scam artists for over 12 years now. It's amazing they haven't been locked up but the good news is that they have burned the wrong people and eventually their time is coming.

Bbell1204 ... ??? you couldn't disguise yourself better? Shows you how dumb these guys are.
2813 days ago by Sfsteve
Yep, we just got the same bogus invoice for $175. So utterly lame. Make sure you call the company directly and call them out on their bullshit. If they get enough calls, maybe their unpaid employees will leave.

How do these scumbags live with themselves?
2812 days ago by Anonymous
Received an invoice for $175 in August. I called the toll free number and spoke with the person who answered. I asked what the invoice was for and was told that my company should have received a notification from our telephone carrier that they would no longer service our interior telephone lines, and that UST provides services for many carriers. I asked " so this isn't something that our company requested", and the "employee" replied, "no". I then asked "so this isn't an invoice for services rendered" and the employee replied "no" again. I filed a complaint with the USPS.

I received a statement a few weeks later indicating that my "invoice" was past due. I am filing another complaint with the USPS and will file a complaint with the BBB.
2808 days ago by USTisSCUM
I called the home number posted above and got David's wife. I asked if David was home, she said no. I politely said I would just call him on his cell. The cell # above is now disconnected. 20 minutes after I hung up with his wife, I got a call from David (he must have caller ID) He says he has USPS approval to send out these bogus statements as it is a marketing tool. I will contact the USPS also. Scumbags like this need to be locked up. I wonder how many people have sent him $175.00...
2808 days ago by Ust-a-scam
Their California Contractors License # 925163 was suspended. They have also been convicted of Business and Professions Code 7120, 7112 and 7111.1, resulting in thousands of dollars in unpaid fines by the state of California. Look it up at California State License Board.
2808 days ago by USTisSCUM
Just finished filing a complaint with the USPS. I suggest you do to! The USPS says the following:

Thank you for completing this form. The information you provided will be entered into our national complaint system.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service gathers data on mail-related crime to determine whether a violation has occurred. While we can't guarantee that we can recover lost money or items, your information can help alert Inspectors to problem areas and possibly prevent other people from being victimized.

U.S. Postal Inspectors base their investigations on the number, substance, and pattern of complaints received from the public. We ask you to keep all original documents related to your complaint. We will contact you ONLY if more information is needed.
2808 days ago by USTisSCUM

Solicitations Disguised as Invoices
Don't be victimized by con artists who try to get your company to order goods or services by mailing you solicitations designed to look like invoices. The unscrupulous individuals who mail these know that some unsuspecting managers and employees will be fooled by their appearance and will automatically remit payment, thinking the company had placed an order.

Title 39, United States Code, Section 3001, makes it illegal to mail a solicitation in the form of an invoice, bill, or statement of account due unless it conspicuously bears a notice on its face that it is, in fact, merely a solicitation. This disclaimer must be in very large (at least 30-point) type and must be in boldface capital letters in a color that contrasts prominently with the background against which it appears.

The disclaimer must not be modified, qualified, or explained, such as with the phrase "Legal notice required by law." It must be the one prescribed in the statute, or alternatively, the following notice prescribed by the U.S. Postal Service: THIS IS NOT A BILL. THIS IS A SOLICITATION. YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO PAY THE AMOUNT STATED ABOVE UNLESS YOU ACCEPT THIS OFFER.

Some solicitations disguise their true nature. Others identify themselves as solicitations, but only in the "fine print." In either case, protect your company's assets by withholding payment until you have verified whether your company actually ordered and received the goods or services reflected on the document. If not, do not pay. You may have received a solicitation in the guise of an invoice.

A solicitation whose appearance does not conform to the requirements of Title 39, United States Code, Section 3001, constitutes prima facie evidence of violation of the federal False Representation Statute (Title 39, United States Code, Section 3005). Therefore, solicitations in the form of invoices, bills, or statements of account due which do not contain the large and conspicuous disclaimer required by the law will not be carried or delivered by mail if they come to the attention of the Postal Service, and will be disposed of as the Postal Service shall direct.

Con artists often make large mailings of illegal solicitations. Even if you are not fooled, you can help the Postal Inspection Service learn of such mailings by reporting the receipt of non-conforming solicitations to your local postmaster or the nearest Postal Inspector. The Postal Inspection Service may be able to prevent other business people from being victimized.
2808 days ago by Airyduckling
My company receive one today. Please make sure that your AP person is aware of this and DO NOT pay any invoice that doesnt have back up paper work to support it.

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