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Vons Supermarket
Vons Supermarket Safeway Sold me contaminated sausage 17 years ago, then covered it up! Sent me into 17 years of heavy chronic disease problems. Many
21st of Nov, 2010 by User214661
On December 16th, 1994, I ate some Mild Italian Sausage at 8:00 am in the morning. I ate nothing else that morning. The meat had been sold to me by my local Vons Supermarket. By that evening, I was fighting for my life in Intensive Care at Sherman Oaks Community Hospital here in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California. After being released from the hospital, while being improperly diagnosed by all my doctors, the nightmare continued. For 17 straight years it continued. It resulted in 36 life threatening major complications over time which eventually resulted in my death, come February 2001. I'm an NDE in other words and did see heaven. But I'm back to take care of this injustice that was done against me!

I went through 3 years of hell with the western medical system, who could never properly diagnose their way out of a paper bag in my heavy experience with them, let alone diagnose me correctly. I was told by my primary care physician that they finally could do nothing more for me and sent me home to die, leaving me less than six months to live. I had 36 life threatening symptoms going on in my body that day I was told to go home and die. All of this started the day I bought the Vons sausage I might add, otherwise I was more than healthy to live my life. This came at a time when we were also very close to great success with our new family business: Opal Star Industries. Without me fully functional, the business eventually folded due to my failing health from the bad meat I had eaten.

I eventually turned to the alternatives along the way and clearned much out of my body after going through a three year detox of my body's toxins and parasites from this initial contamination. We eventually learned the meat was loaded with "helminthes"; that's the medical term for "parasitic worms". These creatures are also known to carry all kinds of bacteria and viruses when they get into any living host. Beachime Kline lab, who took the sample, when the 5,000 worms finally passed three years later, after growing in my body during that time, failed to save the sample in formadehyde over a weekend and the key proof was lost. Everything is well documented and in my care otherwise. Still, I've never seen so much incompetency in our system, as I experienced it all first hand. It taught me that our medical insurance isn't worth the paper it is printed on and I was paying top dollar though most of this, using Blue Shield Insurance. Now I have no insurance, for the sake of using that etra money to keep a roof over my head.

After three more years of clearing out my body through a prolonged healing crisis, with many forms of alternatives, which was brutal to suffer through on a daily basis, I was later bitten by a mosquito in my sleep the night of August 16, 2000, which gave me encephalitis and lead to my death. This was my second death encounter at age 44 with my first being at age 25. I state this given how prevalent NDE's are these days with resusitation measures being what they are with western medicine. I do know what these people did to me to cause my death in the end, with no doubt, as a result.

My gastroenterologist at that time, Dr. Richard K. Gordon, was to be my expert witness in court to gain me support by the grocer, but 2 months before the set trial date, he pulled out, giving no reason for his withdrawl of support, after being adament about what had nailed me. We also can not find the key endoscopy and colonoscopy photos he did as a doctor which show what the sausage did to the entire inside of my GItract. Gordon would not talk to me or my attorneys further, after all this happened. My attorneys contended the doctor was bought out by Vons. I agree. So did my cousin who was also reviewing all the evidence we were collecting over the years, to try and face Vons in court one day to gain monetary support to keep me alive. But we still need the 30 pieces of silver to finish proving it, as well as the missing medical photos.

One gal I know, who is a medical research specialst for 20 years, told me they see the checks exchange hands all the time in cases like mine, but they are forced to keep their mouths shut as employees for fear of losing their jobs. She told me not to doubt what had been done to me. "Better to kill and lose one"; she said "than put a lot of people out of their jobs once the knowledge reached the media". So I was told by her given her experience in her field and profession.

Through the years, as my suffering increased; and my health continued to fail more and more, I was taken care of by my late cousin, C. M. Ryan, who finally committed suicide this year. He had been my caregiver and friend through it all. To take care of me, he had to file bankcruptcy to his credit cards to the tune of $80,000. Plus he owed the IRS and State considerable money, to try and get me the money needed to keep me on treatments that were slowly working for me. He was always working two jobs, with nothing more than a high school education behind him. It was brutal on him working 18 hours a day all the time, doing the shopping on weekends and helping me, especially during the first three years, when I was always in an ER or hospital trying to get help. He was a kind and gentle soul, but it all finally got to him, as it did me.

I'm now under the care of a board certified psychologist who is trying to help me deal with his death and my last 17 years of this injustice done to me. My brother and my Aunt, my cousin's mother, are using what they can in savings to give me this extra care. My brother is financially ruined from all he could give over the years and my Aunt is poor at age 79 unable to help really, except for the monies she is getting from the insurance carrier.

My cousin poured gasoline all over himself while in my garden shed March of this year and lit himself on fire. I got to him too late to save him and he died that night from severe burns to his body and his lungs. This is what Vons did in the ripple effect, by not taking responsibility for the wrong they started 17 years ago, which neither I or my relatives should have to be paying for. Now it has cost a life.

Also a new business my cousin and I had been building 12 years before all this happened was on the verge of finally turning a major corner that would have netted me a great living, had I been healthy to finish the final part of the plan we were working back then in those years, to put our family owned business called Opal Star Industries onto the map. It would have brought much wealth into California, had these people at Vons not done the evil they did to me and my family.

We finally did hire a Private Investigator, July of 2007; through the John DeMarr Investigation agency. Upon meeting with Mr. Ammar, Senior Investigator, Mr. Ammar did provide three letters of recommendation out of the Pasaden Police department where he worked for 5 years as a cadet. My cousin C. Ryan, also had conversations with officials at the Pasadena Police department to help confirm the type of services Mr. Ammar provided during his working years at PPD. We were confident Mr. Ammar was the right man for the job to nail the people who did all of this to me and my family. We desired Mr. Ammar to investigate into a possilbe collusion between the grocer and Dr. Gordon: A cover up. Vons sold me contaminated meat that also cost me my life and also lead to the death of my cousin who was my caregiver. What was in their meat did extensive, permanent damage to my body to this very day. We did retain Mr. Ammar on 7/20/2007, after I personally interviewed him to go further. Dr. Richard K. Gordon, was to appear as my expert witness, in court, in a claim against Von's Supermarket back in 1997, but failed to show up two months before my assigned court date, after promising to appear and support me. His testimony would have proved very damning against the grocer. All three of my attornies knew this. So did I. That is how strong the evidence was that Gordon had against them concerning what they had done to me. We also discoverd that VERY IMPORTANT endoscopy and colonoscopy photos were found missing when we collected all my medical records after Gordon bailed out on me at the last minute! These photos show some form of heavy parasite infiltration had taken place in my GItract. No one in the record department of the Northridge Medical Center could find those photos and they are the most important photos needed to finish proving my case against the grocer, in order to gain restitution for damages done to me and my relatives. These photos would get me the support needed, in a lawsuit, against the grocer, who sold me the contaminated meat and keep me from going onto the street to die. My attorneys contended at the time that Dr. Gordon had taken a bribe from the grocer, which further evidence I have in my possession heavily indicates. We simply need "the 30 pieces of silver" on the betrayal this Judas took for my life and/or the missing photos, so we can sue, put the right parties in jail and finally gain me the monetary support I've been denied all through the years. It has cost me and two of my relatives everything they had in savings to help me get this far in the battle to stay alive after a nearly two decade battle to find the right treatments in the bargain. I'm only two pieces of evidence short of making final arrests, if they can be obtained, even at this late date in the battle! Our purpose for hiring the PI was to get the final evidence that the bribe had taken place. I am currently living on the charity from my late cousin's mother, who recieved proceeds form my cousin's insurance policy after his suicide. My house, which me and my brother inherited from our dad, was nearly paid off when all of this began some 17 years ago. But the house has now been through 8 refinancings; to the tune of $580,000, to pay for all the medical and alternative therapy bills! It will soon become my grave, if I don't nail the people who did this to me and gain monetary restitution. My house is now an upside down mortgage valued at $450,000. My battle is also a noble battle having lived a honorable life all my life.

I still am held back from a normal life, as a result of inoperable myofacia tumors which formed 10 years aog in the small of my back, into my spine; making it next to impossible for me to walk or lift, a tumor in my left wrist and tumors all under my chin, down my neck and behind my sternum. I have irreversible, serious damage to my rectal opening from intense hemorrhoid surgery which was done to try and save my life, from what all the parasitic worms did to the opening and I'm physically very weak from 17 years of being bedbound and housebound. I'm either very close to losing it all or very close to a miracle. I hope its the miracle of exposing these people and what they did to me!

I took major second degree burns to my hands trying to save my cousin's life too. How long I can continue to keep my house, remains to be seen. I can not start over again at my age. No one in the system reached out to help us through all of this, no matter how much we petitioned every avenue possible. Not even Social Security has helped. The law firm of Rhoffing and Kalagian, who took that on, told me they had people with 4th stage cancer going onto the streets all the time, simply because the criteria didn't perfectly fit the SSI disability laws. This is what is going on in America today! Whose kidding who? The system is badly broken, the crooks know it and are getting away with murder as a result.

My story is a nightmare that needs to be told! I'll eventually lose my home and be left on the street to die, with no ability to work, because of this injustice done to me by both the grocer and the doctor, which has left me disabled for 17 years, with no support form anyone, except for what one of my relatives has supplied to try and save my life, as my caregiver and friend all through the years. Now he's dead. Still, it took its tole even on him, after dealing with our State systems in California all through the years. Most in the system, simply pass the buck and do little for people who go to them for help. It's a living joke that isn't very funny, if you are the one trapped in it all, that's for sure! What a hellish thing it has all become! My physical, mental and emotional suffering is beyond description through two decades of all of this sin! I'm still alive, after my doctors gave up on me back in 1997 and I'm alive, because of what I learned from the underground scientific community living in the United States, on how to clear my body from the parasites and toxins that were in the sausage that got into my body. These people really do exist, make little money, but do God's work to save those who are open to the truth about how evil our world has become. Our doctors only know drugs and surgery, not the common sense God gave an ant on how His creation works! Our doctors are not true scientists! They are paid slepts of the drug and surgical lords. I know from dealing with it for 17 years and I'm a University graduate myself from Loyola University of Westchester. It took quite some time to fully get my body clear and was done through a brutal detox of my body's living water systems. This was done through all natural approaches I might add, which our own allopathic medical system will not tell any of us about, since they favor the drug and surgical companies and not the real truth about what the chronic disease process is all about or how to really cure it, using all natural approaches. There is an underground scientific community indeed in America who does love the truth and are true scientist helping to save people like me from a system that has become totally corrupt you should know. The good ones are at the grass roots level, not behind pretty offices and BMW's. I have everything well documented concerning this pursuit, if somone feels they can get me the remaining results needed to nail the responsible parties who did this to me. So far a lot of people are getting away with murder on my life. My cousin is also now dead at age 51 as well. Any attempt to get to the truth is being well barred in my fight to get to it. Unbelievable suffering has been caused by these people and I welcome all the help I can get from those how love the truth and who will do more than talk to me, but will get the remaining proof I need.

Our PI told us there were many complaints made at the same time mine was made to the Los Angeles Health Department back in early 1995, after I had bought the meat. He told us it was a definite cover up which he was trying to dig deeper into. Then we heard nothing further from him. We don't even know, if he is still alive. Anyone who has further information that can help me in getting the support I so desparately need, and that I've long since been denied, is deeply apprecaited and welcomed. Three family lines are being destoyed, because of all of this evil and cover up going on. Fortunately I'm still alive to tell about it, but I still suffer much physically each day, because of what the doctor and grocer did to me. This whole experience only all the more makes me see the true colors behind the FDA and AMA as they work to protect each other, not the patient in the end. My life is living proof of the scam these organizations have become in practice.

Anyone else from that time period who may have eaten meat from Vons, should contact me and let me know what happened to them as well. I'm told by our PI, there were numerous complaints to the Health Department that were buried. I wasn't the only one hit that Christmas 17 years ago!

This post comes late simply because I wasn't sure if it was wise to finally put this on Ripoff Report to try to gain more support and help at this time, but if you can truly help and not just give advice, I'll recieve you. Thank you for reading my plea for help and cry for justice.

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