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Design Fabricators LLC
Ponzi Schemer; thief; and embezzler
28th of Apr, 2012 by randl
The owner of this company, Bruce T. Robertson, has as far back as 2003 under the names Mobile Solutions, Inc, and Mobile Solutions Foodservice, Inc. systematically bankrupts his companies after embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars through Ponzi schemes. He also sold a $122,418.00 customer catering van on 5/16/2005 that he did not own; the buyer had to return it to the leasing company as it was considered stolen; shortly after, he dissolved his company.

Now under the name of Design Fabricators LLC, he has stolen/embezzled more through jobs that he underbids by approx. 30% and receives money upfront without delivering the end product or paying for the components Now this company is in receivership and he has renamed a new company as Design Fabricators of Colorado.

Here is a link to his Design Fabricators LLC website:

He is a career white-collar criminal and must be stopped before he damages more unsuspecting parties.
2923 days ago by Btr Justice
Warning! Bruce t Robertson is a nationally known scanner and thief!His scams span across the country thru decades.From scamming and stealing from unsuspecting buissnes owners to the many woman that he has builked for hundreds of thousands of dollars.In 2009 Mr Robertson married Inez Hockom, he convinced her to register a company name Design fabricators of Colorado, under that company name Mr Robertson once again began bilking unsuspecting clients and vendors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.All the while conning Mrs Inez Robertson out of her name and money.After suffering abuse and torment to Mrs Robertson and her children she discovered his criminal activity.She immediately filed for divorce.Mrs Inez Robertson asked the courts to put Design fabricators llc into immediate receivership in order to protect further scamming to customers and vendors.It is currently in receivership.Bruce t Robertson immediately opened a new company under the name "design fabricators- of Colorado llc" he has stated to a reliable source that he did that and has done that many times before so that he can illegally divert, and cash checks that are intended thru receivership for unpaid clients and vendors.The biggest tragedy is that Mrs inez Robertson, formally Inez hockom is a widow from a fallen aurora police officer who was shot in the line of duty.Bruce Robertson scammed her and her children out of over $200, 000 dollars of life insurance money that her brave husband officer Ed Hockom had left her to care for there three beautiful boys(that have suffered crual abuse at the hands of Bruce Robertson).Even during the marriage to inez robertson Bruce Robertson was grooming and scamming other woman and children.And was engaged to another unsuspecting single mother within weeks of Mrs Robertson filing for divorce.(who by the way is also a widow).Bruce robertsons lies and scams are so sick that he even proclaims to be a Christian therefore does not believe in pre-marital sex, when in fact he is impotent.In 2009 he was arrested for back child support and recently had his drivers liscence revoked for once again being a deadbeat dad.He usually trolls for woman victims in gyms or dating web sights such a's Robertson is considered a dangerous man and is on the prowl a's we speak, if you have any information on this predator to woman, children and anyone with a dollar in there pocket please contact Douglas county sherriffs office financial crimes unit.Please help put this predator behind bars where he belongs!..
2920 days ago by Angrymadwhitewoman
Dateing Predator!..BRUCE T ROBERTSON..thief!..scam artist!..PREDATOR..ALERT..BRUCE T a nationally known predator that has operated his scams in many states but is currently working COLORADO..FLORIDA..and..TEXAS..He targets woman and there male children thru dating websites like, and many others.He also targets woman at malls(park meadows, aspengrove, cherrycreek)Also he trolls at gyms(24hr fitness and others).He targets single mothers with TEENAGE BOYS preferably widows(so he can steal there life insurance).He wines and dines these woman(using other womens money and credit cards)at places like maggionos, brios, flemmings.Grooming his unsuspecting victims to take there money, credit cards, and there name(he will ask you to put a company in your name).He is also secretly grooming your teenage boys.He has scammed companies, clients and vendors out of millions.With the help of his two cohorts LEE BYBEE and J.R MCCLERNON, He trucks companies into giving him large deposits for products that he never delivers.His latest company name is DESIGN FABRIcATORS OF COLORADO but he has multiple company names, if you contact his employee they answer the phone ASPEN LEAF KITCHENS.He has a history of trying to use law inforcement as a diversion for his criminal activity.He will contact police stating he has been robbed .But of course the minute the police pull his criminal record he drops his false allegations.He is currently in divorce court and one of his companies is in receivership.His current wife that he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from filed for divorce immediately when she discovered what BRUCE T ROBERTSON was perpetrating against others.Unfortunately he had already robbed her of her life insurance money her fallen AURORA POLICE OFFICER had left her for her and her three boys.Even thru the divorce MR ROBERTSON is still stealing from her by driving her black Denali and living in the home she had rented and is in her name.Now he has moved an unsuspecting family(with teenage boys!)into the basement of the home he's living in Cherokee ridge estates.He also claims to be a CHRISTIAN so does not believe in premarital sex when in fact he is IMPOTENT with women.If you have been scammed or preyed upon or have teenage boys that have please contact DOUGLAS COUNTY SHERRIFFS OFFICE, FINANCIAL CRIMES UNIT.Please help put thus dangerous PREDATOR where he belongs..PRISON..
2910 days ago by Randy
Here is a history of his evolution, coupled with the new names below:

Mobile Solutions, Inc. Chapter 7 filing 12/29/2003
Mobile Solutions Foodservice, Inc. Chapter 7 filing 4/21/2006
Mobile Solutions of Colorado, Inc. Dissolved 10/4/2007
Mobile Solutions of Colorado
Design Fabricators, LLC In Receivership 4/2012
Design Fabricators of Colorado
Aspen Leaf Kitchens
The Irish Group
Society Design Build - this one he is incorporating in the state of Kansas currently @ 6/2012
2910 days ago by Queso
While I have no interest in disputing allegations against Bruce Robertson himself, it is beyond ridiculous that his ex-wife (Inez Robertson, former CFO of Design Fabricators!!!), ex-girlfriend (Jennifer) and ex-stepson (Eric Hockom, currently at Carts at Colorado). all of whom are obviously behind the comments above are intent on dragging others down. JR McClernon and Lee Bybee were contract employees, (slandered above) were simply trying to fulfill obligations committed to by Design Fabricators. Both have since resigned because their integrity was coming into question based on Bruce's business practices. In addition, Aspen Leaf Kitchens and The Irish Group have NEVER been associated with Design Fabricators and lthe probability of legal action will be explored tomorrow.

Finally, Inez Robertson, CFO of Design Fabricators is not without blame here. My sympathies for the loss of her husband, but SHE, in the heat of divorce, left her employees without pay for work they had already performed. Money THEY earned is now in the pockets of the receiver.

This is a sad situation, clearly the first 2 comments were written by the same bitter person under 2 different names, etc. Bruce is the common denominator. Why drag others into your mess?
2908 days ago by Deepthroat
You two need to sit down and shut up..After all of the people BRUCE T ROBERTSON has perpetrated his felonious crimes against (with you TWO at his side) you still are only trying to save your own asses!To Qoute you "BOTH have resigned BECAUSE there INTEGRITY was coming into QUESTION"...Simply put you resigned when YOU started being EXPOSED.NOT because it was the right thing to do!.Boys, since your mothers did not teach you to pick on someone your own size let's take a gander at the facts..MANY wagons have circled around the numerous VICTIMS hurt here, and YOU TWO are not among the victims..
Unlike you two Mrs.Inez Robertson immediately upon discovering the crimes being perpetrated left and filed for divorce..Under the stress and duress that had been occurring in the home Mrs Robertsons youngest son succumbed to a life threatening illness.Leaving him hospitalized.His mother Inez by his side, both of them homeless..But who should show up!?Mr lee BYBEE! To ask how her son was? Or would he survive? NO! To ask for MONEY! Mrs Robertson in the grace she had always shown stepped away from her sons death bed to write LEE BYBEE a check for $3, 750 dollars..
During that time and between March and April Mr BYBEE wrote himself COMPANY checks for more than $27, 000 dollars! So Mr BYBEE among so called employes Suposedly not paid, yOU are not one of them.YOU do NOT pay your financial obligations hince your BANKRUPTCY you were still going thru at the end of 2011..During the same time according to public tax records you have been bieng audited by the I.R.S for TAX EVASION and FRAUD..And for the record Mr.BYBEE a's of march 2012 you were upside down in commissions YOU owing design fabricators more than $20, 000 dollars.YET you still wrote and received the monies you demanded.But let me put your feeble mind to rest, the authorities and the I.R.S are going to sort this out for you.
Last but not least J.R McClernon..during the time( up until June 6 2012) you worked for design fabricators and Bruce t Robertson You opened the two companies mentioned above, to HiDE Bruce t robertsons crimes?.We will leave that to the authorities currently investagating ALL said allegations and parties..and Larry and mo. I assure you that you two are getting looked at!Also bieng the man of integrity that you are you have been in TROUBLE with the courts and law in the state of NORTH CAROLINA for bieng a DEAD BEAT DAD( something else you have in common with MR ROBERTSON..You both have some twisted nerve to try and BLAME innocent victims for crimes YOU had knowledge of..AND DID NOTHING..EVEN to this day no appologies from you two spineless wonders to AnY victims (including your own Clients!)for you not resigning sooner..Justice will be served and the legal system will hand you the sentence you both deserve..AND THEN the I.R.S will tuck you in and tell you a bedtime story about the cost of not picking on someone your own size...sweet dreams.
2907 days ago by Educated And Offended
WOW. Angry, ignorant and with a 3rd grade command of spelliing and grammar all rolled up in one. Quite a catch. Posting under "Btr Justice", "Angrymadwhitewoman" and now "Deepthroat". Total class act. Drop the anonymity and you may have some credibility.
2907 days ago by Babycherry
Queso, aka LEE BYBEE and J R MCCLERNON, you don't have any anonymity as everyone knows who has partnered with the Conman, Thief, and Embezzler Bruce T Robertson for the last couple of months and continued assist him with his ponzi schemes and illegal activities against further victims - when you could have done what any MEN WITH INTEGRITY would have done...not continue to assist him with his fraudulent activities!!! You have to live with your choices You have to live with your consequences. You made the decision to partner up with a conman for the almighty dollar and not help save further victims.

That's your best and only defense it to attack grammar?!?!

No wonder Bruce T Robertson so easily manipulated and used you. You are dumb and dumber...and now you're criminals, TOO.
2905 days ago by Elliot
This is to inform everyone reading this thread that, unequivocally, Aspen Leaf Kitchens, LLC has not now nor have they ever had any dealings with Bruce Robertson or any of his businesses. This is Elliot, and if you called my phone and heard the Aspen Leaf Kitchens voicemail message, it is because I was employed by them concurrently with Bruce. It is only a coincidence that Bruce lives on Aspen Leaf Drive, but I can assure you it is only a coincidence.

Further, I have nothing to do with Bruce and kept my distance and profile as low as possible while associated with Bruce. I will have no further dealings with Bruce outside of the courts.
2905 days ago by Elliot
This is to inform everyone reading this thread that, unequivocally, Aspen Leaf Kitchens, LLC has not now nor have they ever had any dealings with Bruce Robertson or any of his businesses. This is Elliot, and if you called my phone and heard the Aspen Leaf Kitchens voicemail message, it is because I was employed by them concurrently with Bruce. It is only a coincidence that Bruce lives on Aspen Leaf Drive, but I can assure you it is only a coincidence.

Further, I have nothing to do with Bruce and kept my distance and profile as low as possible while associated with Bruce. I will have no further dealings with Bruce outside of the courts.
2905 days ago by E And O
I don't even know JR or Lee, but I recognize the rants of a ridiculous woman when I read it. You want everyone to see you as a victim...yet you victimize. You made a choice to marry and/or get engaged within weeks of meeting someone, yet you want everyone to believe your children are your first priority. How about researching your "targets" (aka Bruce) BEFORE you get involved? And now you're posting under "babycherry" . Seriously? Stop embarassing yourself. You're giving a bad name to us scorned women everywhere. Deal with Bruce through the court system and move on.
2905 days ago by Babycherry
Interesting...MEN WITH NO INTEGRITY, presenting themselves as a woman now in their postings as E & O to defend themselves from their choice to partner with a criminal.

And now that the authorities are investigating your involvement with the illegal business operations that you assisted Bruce T Robertson transact, you now want the authorities and food & beverage industry to believe that doesn't also make you criminals?!?!

If you cared about YOUR wife and children, why didn't YOU research Bruce T Robertson BEFORE you partnered with him and assisted him with his illegal operations? Perhaps you did...and your actions speak for themselves.
2902 days ago by Ldkdi1515
Jennifer- I have a couple of questions for you. Do you have an e-mail address?
2900 days ago by Howyalikemenow
Bruce t Robertson ..update..Just when we think we've heard it all!..Bruce had been posting on dating websites using another mans pictures! Stating he works for the U.N.!..(o.k Cupid, Christian, and several others)Luckily we were able to print off his fake profile before he was removed.And with cooperation of the websites traced his I.p.As of Friday the 15th two knew authorities are looking into all allegations.Some of those can't be mentioned yet because he is perpetrating the crimes as I write this and authorities are closing in on him.Anyone with additional information please post contact information and the proper authority will contact you.Now to Lee, J.R and elliot...Dumb, dumber and dumbest..Gentlemen(not) karma is taking a toll on the top of your head I noticed last week you had maybe three hairs between you.Your very obvious lack of concern for true victims is apparent in your ridiculous blog ramblings(see above).When the loss to people including YOUR own clients is at the gravity it is and your concerned about grammar it shows the soulless sleazebags you are.But please continue to write because we all find it very entertaining watching the three stooges scramble as the authorities close in.I truly enjoyed turning over the proof of YOUR illegal activity last week.And can't wait to testify against you..Good does conquer evil and justice will be served..
2885 days ago by Randy1
Another new link to a new company/name? "Society"

Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is the founder and CEO of SOCIETY. He is in charge of day to day operations and oversight of the company.

Lee Bybee
J.R. McClarnon

Lee Bybee has been with SOCIETY since May 2010. Lee attended Texas Tech University where he received a Masters in Architecture and a Masters of Business Administration. He has worked in both the architectural and business sales industries for the past 15+ years. This diverse background is an ideal combination to help lead the sales department and assist in developing new networks and potential projects.

J.R. McClernon is a decorated Air Force veteran who served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm in the mid-90’s. After fulfilling his obligation as an aircraft mechanic, he charted a successful 16-year career with ARAMARK Refreshment Services based out of his home state of North Carolina. Starting out as a Service Technician J.R. quickly rose through the ranks and became a well-respected leader within the food service industry. J.R. has successfully managed projects from $50k to $2 million all across the nation. In 2010, J.R. relocated to Denver Colorado where he was recruited by SOCIETY as the Director of Operations.
Neda Farbod
Paul Lujan

Prior to joining SOCIETY, Neda earned her Master’s Degree in Architecture and Design at the University of Colorado. Her expertise in design has developed from her work on numerous commercial, retail, resort, hospitality, multi-family/mixed-use design and exhibit design projects both nationally and internationally. She has furthered her efforts to develop a core and shell portfolio of projects, integrating the disciplines of design, interior design and architecture. Exceptional design and clarity of communication with the client are Neda’s two highest priorities. Spirited collaboration is the essence of her leadership style and lasting relationships with her clients have become her trademark. Her ability to tightly align conceptual expression with her client’s vision is what distinguishes her work and allows for each design to become a "branding" of the client’s personality.

For 15 years Paul has worked as a Draftsman/Designer in a variety of industries. Over the last 7 years Paul has devoted his attention to architectural design/build with an emphasis in project management and space planning/layout for mid-size to large commercial office buildings. Paul is also an experienced Graphic Designer and Photographer.


88 Inverness Circle East

Suite A106

Englewood, CO 80112

Phone: (888) 310-2990

(720) 956-1666

(720) 235-1460

Email: [email protected]
2885 days ago by Babycherry
Why haven't the authorities not already long ago charged Bruce T Robertson, who has scammed hundreds and hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars from companies, clients, women & their families? What more evidence do you need? How many more have to be victimized? Why are you allowing Bruce T Robertson to continue to extort, steal, con, scam? This IS his harm the innocent, to steal, to con, lie, thieve, extort, embezzle, misrepresent himself as something as he is not, to be a career white collar criminal. And yet, everyday, even though evidence, information, new situations, more people and companies suffering from the losses he stole and continues to steal from them, are presented to you, HANDED TO YOU in spite of our own safety for continue to allow him to prey??? What will finally need to be presented to the very authorities that we honor and trust to finally put this predator, liar, thief, and criminal behind bars? He can never possibly repay a fraction to all those he's extorted, but yes, he can and should be stopped, from victimizing more and more and more. He will never stop until he is finally shut down by the laws that are supposed to protect our country's citizens and businesses. This IS Bruce T Robertson's profession. And has been his entire life. Those of you with the power to do so must shut him down, finally, please, you need to do so. He doesn't need to be allowed to victimize more, you have more than enough evidence and information at this moment. Please, put into action what your authority gives you the power to do and protect the innocent from Predators such as Bruce T Robertson / Mobile Solutions / Design Fabricators / Society Design & will never stop until you finally do what should have been done long ago to disable a predator such as Bruce T Robertson.
2542 days ago by Bruce Robertson
This entire site is a fraud...Inez Hockom has set out to damage Bruce Robertson. She has stated that he stole money from her when in fact all bank accounts were always in her name. She is trying to scam Bruce Robertson out of $200, 000. She shut down an operating company, cut off funds to 12 independent contractors and forced ongoing projects to be canceled and/or paid for by the clients. Inez has a history of depression and has created these lies to cover the fact that she shut down a viable company tried to steal all the funds and the courts finally took the company away from her. She took an additional $75K from DF before the company funds could be taken by the courts.
2541 days ago by Michael Dell
Bruce Robertson's crimes of ponzi schemes, fraud, embezzlement, multiple bankruptcies, and pathological lying are evidence of a true conman who's crimes span over 20 years. Unfortunately, Inez Hockom was just one more of his next victims. There was a long line of them before her, and he continues to victimize more at this very moment. His history speaks for itself. He uses business associates, vendors, suppliers, customers, and sadly, women and their families. His actions have spoken and will continue to speak louder than any words he pens. His twisted lies, his half truths, and his story telling are those of a skillful liar. Only a reptile of a man would use women the way this "man" does. The 18th Judicial Court in Douglas County has more of his history documented of his past crimes on file for anyone who wants to learn more of this person before getting involved with him as well as the State of Colorado Bankruptcy Court.
2541 days ago by Michael Dell

to learn more of Bruce Robertson's criminal history, contact:

Arapahoe County 18th Judicial District
Economic Crimes Division
1610 West Littleton Blvd.
Littleton, Colorado 80120
2540 days ago by Mobilesolutions
Let there be no mistake who we're dealing with when dealing with Bruce Robertson. Here is just one story from one of his victim's, Duke University as published in "The Chronicle". Bruce Robertson can tell all the lies he wants, but he will never be able to escape the truth:

Plaza carts cause controversy
Business complications cost Duke time, money

By Rob Copeland | September 19, 2006
The $100, 000 worth of dining carts planned for the West Campus Plaza have been delayed by production complications and conflict between the University and the manufacturer, Mobile Solutions Foodservice Inc. of Littleton, Colo., sources close to the situation confirmed.
University lawyers are now working to either recover the school's investment or arrange the delivery of the carts, Wulforst said. A best-case scenario would have the carts arriving on campus in October, two months late.
The costs to Duke have been enormous, Wulforst said. He estimated that he has spent 50 hours trying to resolve the issues and now lawyers are working on the University's behalf from both Durham and Denver.
Mobile Solutions owner Bruce Robertson, who was arrested last week in an unrelated incident for larceny, declined to comment Tuesday.
Wulforst said Robertson lied repeatedly about the status of the carts, which were supposed to be delivered Aug. 15.
"When they didn't arrive [Aug. 17], I called him and he told me there was a problem with the doors, " Wulforst recalled, adding that Robertson said the carts were otherwise completed.
Wulforst said he spoke on the phone a few weeks later with Robertson and Chuck Courter, who was introduced as the company's director of operations. The pair assured Wulforst the carts would be delivered no later than Sept. 8. "I had e-mails back and forth saying, 'The carts look beautiful, they are complete, '" Wulforst said.
In reality, Courter said production had halted weeks earlier and there were no plans to start up again.
"I really think Jim Wulforst trusted somebody in good faith and got taken, " he said.

Courter added that he owns his own company, Team 20, and was acting as a contractor for Mobile Solutions-not an employee.
The design problem with the doors-which Robertson offered as an excuse in the middle of August-were worked out in late July, Courter explained.
Team 20 was re-assigned to another project with Duke's carts only 50 percent complete, and it soon became obvious that something was awry, Courter said.
"Mobile Solutions tried to use me to go along with them in some things that I didn't think were true, " Courter said. "Mobile Solutions did not follow through with payment to me."
Robertson told Courter that the University had not paid yet. Wulforst said that he learned after hiring the company that a number of other organizations encountered difficulties with Mobile Solutions.

Ball State University is still waiting for delivery on $70, 000 of custom-countertops-an order placed in January through a third party, said Jon Lewis, director of dining at Ball State.

"We were supposed to get delivery Aug. 15 and we have yet to see it, " Lewis said, adding that at this point he is not expecting anything.

Duke's carts are too far along toward completion to give up, Wulforst said. They may be delivered in October if the University can make a deal with Courter, who has possession of them. "Financially I could care less whether or not I do it, " Courter said. "I think after all Duke has been through I want to see them with their carts."

Until then, students can expect to see more of the "carnival carts" that have been selling food on the plaza temporarily for the past few weeks, Wulforst said.
Those have seen limited success, he added, noting that the Domino's Pizza cart had only $96 of sales last Monday.
"It's not the look I want-I wanted first-class, professional, " Wulforst said.
"I promised a uniform look and that was not delivered, " he added.
2531 days ago by Cantscamme
How many of you know that Bruce Robertson is currently running a company in Historic Downtown Littleton, called Culinary Excellence Group? I am baffled when reading these comments and don't understand how he has been able to open business after business.

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