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Harvard Risk Management Corporation Jill Barnes contacted me throughout Monster. Set up 42 minute conference call for bogus presentation on what the
23rd of Dec, 2011 by User973464
Buyer beware Jill Barnes contacted me through Monster. This appears to be a scam. I was offered a time to be "interviewed" this turned out to be a long convoluted conference call during which the moderator gave a detailed presentation on the company and the position. A later research using Google revealed that not much of what was said did not check out. These people are using LinkedIn to post their "employees" names and career info. It is an involved sophisticated, well thought out approach. However when you go the Harvard Benefits website the Certified Identity Theft Specialist they are recruiting for is not even listed. There is no personal interview. I was given the name of Joe Kandell to call to set up an interview. The "interview" was conducted over the phone. He was not able to give clear and concise answers to my questions about where and how the "training" was to be conducted. I stopped the process there and have not responded to subsequent phone calls. The whole process seems shady. The one trainer name that I got from Joe turned out to be an attorney who gives seminars to insurance companies. I did in-depth research on the web using all the Company names and individual names given during the talk and the interview. None of it checked out. Be careful of these folks. They may be after your Social Security and banking information.
2826 days ago by Shygirl
You've let your caution and skepticism get the best of you. Harvard Risk Management is a legitimate company, a 3rd party broker of benefits such as a family legal plan, an identity theft protection package, legal protection for commercial drivers, law enforcement, teachers, foster parents, real estate professionals and others, and help for small business owners and the self-employed. HRM has independent associates working in every state and in Canada. This is a career opportunity you've missed out on, unfortunately.
2805 days ago by Oya
You've let your caution and skepticism get the best of you. Harvard Risk Management is a legitimate company. It's a 3rd party broker of benefits such as a family legal plan, an identity theft protection package, legal protection for commercial drivers, group benefits, law enforcement, teachers, foster parents, real estate professionals and others, and help for small business owners and the self-employed. HRM has independent associates working in every state and in Canada. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT IS WORTH LOOKING INTO.
2779 days ago by Weywardson
Do the above posts sound like they were written by the same person? Is there really even a Jill Barnes? I think she is one of the owners wives.
2777 days ago by ISPEAKTHETRUTH
Harvard offers 2 legitimate products for sale LegalShield and Kroll ID Theft. The company does not offer a job. It offers you an opportunity to become an Independent Agent affiliated with Harvard and be in business for yourself.

There is NO COST to become a Harvard Agent, get Trainer and Certified to sell their products. Legal Shield requires Agent membership in order to sell their product and receive a commission for each membership sold

Want to become your own boss and represent Carvel or McDonald's or Crispy Creme, etc? Get ready to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars or more for a franchise.

Sales is not for everybody. Working as an Independent Agent is not for everybody. Being in business for yourself is not for everybody.

Some people like being hired drones, handed a weekly or bi-weekly check by an employer and being told what to do, when to do it, how to do it, etc by overbearing bosses.

The complainers who have posted here should not discourage those who have sales ability, want to sell a legitimate product and be in business for themselves.

If the opportunity isn't for you, acknowledge that fact and move on with your life.

Don't ruin the opportunity for others.
2731 days ago by
@Ispeak the truth, If it's not a job why do they use words like "team", "agent", "position" and "orientation" why doesn't it use words like contractors or commission only 'opportunity"/
I had the same experience as listed in this article. Got smart enough in the process to start doing some research and started asking "Jill" some questions in emails that she said she "didn't know the answer to" and wasn't "trained to answer"
Just a word of advice to job seekers. If a company mentions the following words you can be assured it's more than likely a scam, "six figures" is the big one for me. When I hear that phrase the hair stands up on the back of my neck. "System" is another one.
The language methods and intention of this feels intentionally deceptive in my opinion. I want no part of it and I am going to do everything I can to let people know what I think.
Jonathan Taylor
[email protected]
2729 days ago by ISPEAKTHETRUTH
Jonathan Taylor, [email protected]'m not the person:

You should be addressing your questions regarding the use of words like "team", "agent", "position" and "orientation" to Harvard not me. I don't write their ads or conduct their interviews.

This is a job. Just an Independent Contractor/Non-Employer-Employee type of job.

BTW, "Agent" is a well known buzzword indicating Independent Contractor not employee.

Since you did not, by your account, have a positive experience with "Jill" you were correct to walk away.

I would advise you to spend your time wisely seeking gainful employment or working at gainful employment once found rather than spending your time "doing everything I can to let people know what I think."

FYI, I was contacted by a different Harvard Recruiter who sent me a pdf doc to read and a video to view BEFORE ever setting up my telephone interview. The e-mail I received clearly told me to read the doc, watch the video and then contact the Recruiter to set up an interview IF I was interested in proceeding. The doc and video clearly spelled out that this is a commission based contractor position selling 2 products to businesses and individuals.

Very positive experience for me. Very professionally handled by Harvard. No deception remotely found on my end.

However, not for me. No interest in this type of position. Never set up or will set up an interview for those reasons.
2586 days ago by Jomama
I too, received an email from Melissa Sarna who informed me that Charles Fields would be speaking on a conference call number to discuss this business opportunity. He spoke to "14 of us" in a very monotone fashion, all of us being put on mute. He bloviated for some time about Kroll Fraud Solutions, Harvard Benefits and some other companies that have little or no relevance to who I'm supposed to recruit.

The kicker came at the end of this 20 minute waste of time: YOU HAVE TO PAY THIS COMPANY MONTHLY to sell it, providing an extremely weak explanation that it provides credibility. No credible company requires you to buy their product (a monthly charge, no less, it's not a one time fee) before you sell it - that's a pyramid scheme at best, a total fraud at worst.

STAY AWAY from anyone from Harvard Benefits, they are a complete waste of time, and are preying on desperate, honest, unemployed people looking to make some extra money. What is quite transparent they are doing is subjugating you as some sort of "exclusive offer" people are clamoring to be a part of. Nonsense. They make absurd claims like, "You'll make back the $40/mo with your first sale." - meaning most people will never "sell" or obtain one recruit (assuming it's extremely difficult) and they take your money in the process. Total and utter garbage.
2586 days ago by Jomama
This is what the "ad" looks like:
2508 days ago by Shempstudios1979
I am sorry for your bad experience. However it is not a SCAM! I work for Harvard Benefits, and I was recruited over the phone. They hire all over the country. The training was done on the internet, and I am making money. This will be my last job, I will retire with it. You lost a very good opportunity. I will make money for the rest of my life!!
2354 days ago by Eflo
They are not upfront and they are deceptive. Jennifer Peters told me I would be scheduled for an interview for a "recruiter" job, where my job would be to recruit sales agents, which turned out to be a conference call trying to get me to buy products. What a waste of time! I was not told upfront that what I would be recruiting would be people to get on conference calls to be offered products. I was not told from the start this was commission only either. This woman just wasted my time. Unprofessional and stupid.
2228 days ago by Darkeman31
To Shempstudios1979...

I agree (after doing a little research) that it's not exactly a scam, but they ARE very deceptive and underhanded...if they weren't, why wouldn't they just tell people (instead of being so darn shady about it) that the position is basically that of an Independent Contractor, it's commission only, and that the "interview" is actually not one on one, but instead a conference call with 14 other job-seekers? I'll tell you why; it's because the company knows full well that most people are not looking for a 1099 Independent Contractor job where you are only paid based on your own effort, and that the words "Conference Call" immediately raises scam flags. So they decided to try their luck by bypassing all of the truth and just get you to the conference call where a monotonous recording tells you all of that. Actually kind of brilliant from a business standpoint, but highly unethical and deceptive, and the reason I didn't sign up.

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