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Julie Ryals
Julie Ryals Julie Ryals of MomPack is Known for harassment Internet
19th of Jun, 2011 by User701512
Julie Ryals is an internet bully and spammer. This woman owns multiple sites and she uses them to harass people through the internet. She has been harassing me for over five years because she doesn't approve of what I do. I first met Julie through her yahoo group the mompack. At first I thought it was a great group until I posted what I do for a living. At first it started with indirect post from other group members. Then out of no where I get an email stating that I had been sending emails to the group members. I tried to explain that I did not spam anyone because I do not send out promotional emails but Julie proceeded to go on and on about me spamming and that she will not tolerate it. I decided to leave the situation alone until one day I had 56 emails in my inbox. When i opened the emails they were all harassing and threatening emails telling me that I need to stop emailing them and I need to stop Harassing Julie. So i Kindly responed to everyone stating that I did not have any of there emails and that I had not sent them anything. Needless to say the emails got worse until I finally blocked them all. This woman would not stop she threaten to ruin my business and my reputation all because she felt I had disrespected her by not backing up one of her bashing emails to another group member. Instead I stood up to her and let know that she was wrong for speaking to the group member that way and that if she needed to speak to her it should be in private not through the group forum. Since then she continues to send harassing emails to me and other people. Here are some links that clearly prove this woman is insane. Whoever is thinking of joining this woman needs to take a step back before they end up in lawsuits the way she has.
3038 days ago by Thorn

As any normal person of reasonable education can see, Julie Ryals is the victim of internet bullying and harassment. This person is only angry because she exposed her Tarot Card 9 business for spamming. Has all the pertinent information that ACTUALLY OCCURRED right here, complete with links.

Nice try, Cherie Rivera. Good luck with that Tarot Card scam of yours. You stole personal emails from Julie's site, spammed them, got called on it, and now you are scrambling trying to shed a bad light on Julie. If you TRULY have the gift of tarot, you would know that this kind of karma will ALWAYS bite you on the fanny.
3038 days ago by Mylime
I have to say I agree with the poster in her saying "Julie Ryals" or whomever her alias is, that she is defenatly an internet bully and spammer. Only speaking from experience.
3038 days ago by Official
I find this all quite fishy and really makes no sense at all. Someone is trying to make up stuff that just didn't happen that way. There is a very limited few online who would be posting such nonsense about Julie Ryals. I've known her and Mom Pack since 2003 and throughout that time I can think of less than a handful of people who didn't like her. What she does online is amazingly good for real honest work at home moms. The front of Mom Pack says NO SPAMMERS ALLOWED so if you were removed then you were doing something wrong.

NO ONE likes a spammer and NO ONE likes a online cheater. We don't like those people around us when we are working our tails off to keep our own businesses running online. I have personally reported a spammer or two to the moderators of Mom Pack during the past years. Those types of people really annoy me so I guess that makes me a bully in the eyes of the online nuts. This same post is duplicated online so it's very obvious who is posting all ithese things = just a few nuts.

You are right, Thorn, educated people will see this for what it is. It's pretty clear to me that the only bullies here are the ones posting this garbage. And that's exactly what it is... garbage. Karma does come back to bite and unlike Martha Stewart says... it's not a good thing.
3038 days ago by Dejavu
There doesn't appear to be any evidence of Julie harassing anybody. There's just cheap claims because claims are cheap. People who leave these kinds of cheap complaints are even cheaper!

I remember back when a scammer named Angela Ledke did this to Julie too. Angela had many aliases and tried to outright steal MomPack with a copy/paste job. Angela then went on to steal a logo from somebody’s candle site and scammed many many people on the net and was banned from just about every nook and cranny online because she was a nutjob, a spammer, and a scammer. Because she got caught, then Angela went on the attack of Julie Rylas and MomPack and acted like SHE was the victim. She would try to get people to call her so she could sob in their ear. The girl was a real sicko nutjob who went on to bigger and better scams, but was still trying to poke at Julie. This looks like some dejavu going on here. Another drama queen or the same old one?
3036 days ago by Anonymous
Unfortunately, successful people are often envied and harassed as a result of insane jealousy. Cherie is pissed because Julie told her once, very politely, not to spam her Mompack members. Cherie stole emails from posters in the forum, and used them for her own selfish agenda, which is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. As a result, Cherie was banned from the group. Now Cherie is having a little temper tantrum because she got busted for breaking the spamming rule. Are you KIDDING ME??? Cherie, grow up, you are pitching a fit because you got caught. If your business was as awesome as you claim on other websites, then you wouldn't have time to troll Julie Ryans all over the net. You signed up with a different email address with Mompack, then used one NOT registered with Mompack to solicit members emails. You are a thief, at best, and most definitely a liar and a cheat. YOU are the one who is doing the cyber bullying. You went to Ripoff Report just to defame Julie - you didn't even tell us how she ripped you off. All she did was ban you from her group because you illegally obtained emails and used them for your own selfish agenda. You got caught, and lost your privileges with Mompack revoked, per violation of terms of service. Terms of service that you HAD to agree to prior to becoming a member of Mompack. You knowingly broke the rules, got yourself banned, and now insist on continuing to harass Julie. You can do jail time for what you are doing, libel and slander are punishable with fines AND prison. You better look over your OWN tarot cards, Cherie. SMH

Cherie Rivera doesn't have any business etiquette, and I would advise everyone to stay far, FAR away from My Tarot 9, which is Cherie's "business". She takes advantage of desperate people, and you see the stuff she is capable of online.
3013 days ago by Anonymous
Julie Ryals problem is that she is so awfully ugly and her photo is majorly photo-shopped. She hates any woman who many be successful or attractive. She had several kids so her husband will never - ever leave her. The only thing she is good for is baking a cake. Even then, she should not be allowed to breed. Julie Ryals is sick and a psychopath. Everybody left her chat rooms a few years ago.
2981 days ago by Onyourside
Wow I find this hilarious...YOu women have nothing better to do then to bash a fellow wahm because you choose to let this women Julie Ryals control all of you. This is such a joke that at this day in age grown ass women allow one person to control them because they fear she can ruin them WHAT A JOKE! LMAO

This lady is ridiculous and you allo need to wake up I was forwarded all these emails when they were being sent to Cherie. Julie purposely had her group members attack Cherie on multiple occasions and I know this because I received the emails that Julie was sending because she made sure she sent them to everyone to make herself look good. I don't know Cherie at all and this was the first time she had ever emailed me and when I asked her to please remove me she kindly apologized and explained the situation with her email. She was never rude to me or anyone in the emails that were being sent she simply defended herslef the way any one of us would have.

The funny part is that you think that by bashing Cherie you are ruining her company. Well I hate to break it to you guys but you have made her more money then she was making when you guys first started bashing and whats funnier is that the majority of your mom pack members are now her customers and her friend on Social Networks.

So Kuddos to Cherie for doing a wonderful job in defending herself and I wish you all the luck in the world. You are amazing and so is your business. You all must check out her testimonials this girl really knows what she is doing. For all of you seeking to do business with Julie Ryals beware because you will get way more than what you bargain for. I have seen this women harass so many people and she really needs to be stopped. There are so many horrible reports on this women its ridiculous. You do a search on her name and you get her 2 business sites and tons of complaints that follow them. Good luck to anyone who messes with this crazy ass woman.
2865 days ago by Brendasavon
Your "anonymous" post makes no sense. I was on that email list and spammed by cherie rivera too. I received HORRIBLE threats from cherie. Julie Ryals is awesome. She blocks spammers from mom pack and protects her members everyday. Keep up the excellent job Julie. Ignore the crazies out there!.

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