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Coloholics Spam, Harassment, Internet
14th of May, 2011 by User684870
I can back up the previous reports on It spams numerous other role playing sites, starting up accounts and sending private messages to all its users. If you reply and call them on their practices, you get numerous replies which are insulting and belittling. You are also threatened and mocked, claiming you can do nothing to stop what they do. If you do go to the site, you can go nowhere outside of the registration page, meaning you cannot see anything about what the site is about unless you give them your email address and name. Ironic since it is called Coloholics Anonymous. Don't listen to the lies of its founder. Do your own research... If you enter coloholics in google, it finishes your entry by adding the word "spam". The first link is the following, detailing some of the practices coloholics does. I was harassed on mythweavers. Avoid this site. There are many others out there.
3564 days ago by Alexus
In the future, please release that "scam" doesn't mean "site you dislike". Coloholics is actually a non-profit roleplay forum as they advertise themselves. Just because you don't like some random members of Coloholics or dislike Coloholics itself doesn't mean you can use the term "scam". That and the Menewsha link and nothing but libel (not to mention the Menewsha link displays creepy stalking and harassment on the part of Menewsha that is just as just as bad as what you accuse Coloholics of).

In the end, Coloholics IS a roleplay forum and DOESN'T charge its members anything. There's no scamming occurring. Just because you hate them or just because you feel powerless in arguments you've had with their members or people who say they are Coloholics members doesn't mean you can call it a scam.
3558 days ago by SlipstreamFirst
Coloholics practices are unprofessional. The use of spam bots to advertise a "non-profit roleplay forum" is a disgrace to RPG forums. There are fare better sites that don't act this way. The post above says nothing about a scam, just spam, which is bad enough already. Avoid.
3549 days ago by Migeirx1
What is a real disgrace are haters slandering Coloholics on a site supposed to be for actual legitimate scams. Avoid only if you're asinine and anal like the poster above clearly is. Coloholics displays itself as a roleplay forum and it is a roleplay forum, a roleplay forum that survives solely on donations mind you. Your obsessive hate of Coloholics and what you ACCUSE it of practicing (and it does not, as I have never encountered a spambot from Coloholics. I've conversed with people from Coloholics who have directed me there but spambots don't tend to have conversations as they are bots) is irrelevant and does not constitute a "scam", obsessively complain about it elsewhere instead of improperly utilizing a site clearly for online scams.
3530 days ago by DeusEx
Coloholics has a reputation of harassment and insolence, which can easily be seen with a rudimentary search. The amount of unprofessionalism is alarming. Regardless if they use bots or not, their emails lead people on with an ulterior motive, and when you don't show interest, you are insulted and ridiculed. This is a warning. If you don't heed it, then you can join and "donate" at your own risk.
3528 days ago by SaltonSea
Once again all you can do is hate and talk crap, not pointing out any scamming. You put donate in quotes, as if to imply improper conduct but obviously can't back that up with any evidence or anything, just more cowardly slanderous implications. Loyal dedicated members have donated thousands of dollars freely to Coloholics because it is non-profit and does not sustain itself on ads or e-currency scams like some sites. They continue to donate out of their own free will and enthusiasm and you won't find a single complaint from any donator.
Put your big boy panties, no need to blast an entire site just because some random members of it insulted or ridiculed you. "You" can handle yourself.

This is a warning, instead of being some mindless automaton, try Coloholics out for yourself and make your own independent adult judgment. If peopled depended on slanderous haters like this and your standards of "unprofessionalism", they'd never join GaiaOnline.

If anything the accumulation of haters is a sign of success. Haters gonna hate.
3528 days ago by SaltonSea
*files a scam report*
3528 days ago by SaltonSea
By those standards I plan to file a scam report against GaiaOnline because a random member there called me a bad name. Surely they represent the entire site!
3454 days ago by Ashitakasdream
SO much samefaggery in this thread, I don't trust a single person here that is claiming that the site is good.
3453 days ago by Shift
SO much samefaggery in this thread, I don't trust a single person here that is claiming that the site is bad.
3453 days ago by SkyCandy
Wow, i did not expect to find this type of website... from what i know and from my experience as a Coloholics member for the past 3 years, i have never been harassed or mistreated and i have donated my own money to help keep the site afloat. I have no complaints with any of this and i am alittle shocked with what i just read... this looks like its getting to the point where there are the same amount of people going around the internet trying to slander coloholics because they were mistreated... like seriously? Its a community with thousands of members, why do you have to slander the site if some member pissed you off, this has nothing to do with coloholics! As far as i see it, people who are slandering the site are just jealous of its members and content and they need some serious help with growing up and realizing every community or website has its bad members and that isn't enough to judge an entire website with over 10 thousand members... its just not enough...
3453 days ago by SkyCandy
by the way, all this talk about coloholics has given me an idea for a new roleplay... haha... time to have some fun in my morning :D
3402 days ago by Bellahyaena
I have unfortunately had a bad experience with Coloholics as well. I was spammed and took a look, and decided to give it a try despite how I came to know of the place. What followed was about three days of waiting to be able to get anything even done. I then left a private message for TFE Augustus expression my frustration. Not only did he splash the conversation all over the chat box, he also deleted messages out of my private in-box so I would not be able to retain copies of his rudeness.

My recommendation is avoid this place. There is nothing there but a clique of rude, snarky, chan-ish people.
3402 days ago by Supernal
I too had a bad experience with coloholics. The same person that got ousted out of Menewsha showed up on my own moderately successful roleplay site and went about messaging every single new member that registered to the site with the same copy/paste dribble, was banned, and then returned to do the same. If you go to the menewsha link, you'll see that the spammer in question has a pattern of repeated abuse.

A number of leaders of roleplay sites, both prominent and lesser known, are having the same issue with the coloholics spammer. It is also public knowledge that the spammer uses proxy IP addresses to continue registering and spamming, so I would not put it beyond him or her to use the same simple method to come on here and make repeated posts. As Ashitakasdream pointed out already, I would not be surprised if every single member posting in defense of coloholics was the same person. You'll notice the same tendency to insult directly another post, something which no one else in this thread is doing.

My recommendation is to avoid this place. It is every single bad thing expressed in this thread, by a number of people. It is just as the original poster said. Do your own research. All of these complaints aren't coming from nowhere. Coloholics is downright offensive.
3397 days ago by Galgamel
Should it really be surprising that leaders of competing roleplay sites like Coloholics take the time to badmouth it and then accuse supporters of Coloholics of being the same person? Whether you like it or not, there are hundreds if not thousands of active people who love Coloholics. Otherwise it wouldn't exist as a roleplay forum.
You speak of doing your own research and keeping an open mind, but the real way of doing that would be to ignore this kind of slander and bullshit propaganda and just sign up for Coloholics and find out for yourself.

Coloholics, after all like someone else mentioned above, isn't the only site to have outspoken haters with no lives.
Haters tend to be the most outspoken, the loudest. The thousands of people who love Coloholics generally don't have the time to spread shit about it, because they're not lifeless losers. :)
3397 days ago by Galgamel
I'm just saying, it's AWFULLY convenient that all the people badmouthing Coloholics also happen to run competing RP forums.
3397 days ago by Kirara
Actually, a lot of people have been brave enough to call out coloholics members about their "spamming" on the other sites through the site's c-box. Honestly, all I see there are trolls with nothing better to do. I highly doubt that the ones "fishing" for members on other sites are coloholic members at all. I mean who would want to give their own site bad PR?

Coloholics is one of the MOST organized sites that I have ever been a member of. Each person there has a good chance of developing their writing skills without being judged.

You guys think GaiaOnline is much better? Sure. Tell me that after looking at a whole page of cluttered threads.
3397 days ago by Daaad123
If I may say something, the reason you need to register for coloholics before doing anything, is that in the past several malicious individuals have used bots to anonymously spam the site until the server is forced to shut down. Such measures are in place on thousands of sites, purely because competition has attempted to do this.
3397 days ago by BerryBerry
The only reason people get abused and mistreated by Coloholics members is because of slander like this. It is a non-profit roleplay that advertises on websites that look like they have members that would enjoy the roleplaying and community of Coloholics. The amount of people that act "abused" just because they come on and do slandering themselves on the actual site is quite astounding but to call it a scam? Obviously you are a misinformed individual if you think it's anything but a non-profit roleplay site.
3397 days ago by Whatwhatinthebutt
A scam it surely is not. I came from a lame site like Gaia where you had to pay for stuff. This site is free, has a massive member base for Role Players, and has a friendly staff that actually helps. Not a scam, but nice try butthurt people who can't keep there members interested like we can.
3397 days ago by Jakka
Unfortunately, Coloholics has gathered plenty of anti-fans, possibly because they tend to keep communication in a friendly, joking manner, like a big family and community how a RPG site should be. Issues and disagreements exist everywhere, even between the oldest members but they still don't go around complaining about Coloholics or crying like babies that they have been insulted. It is unreasonable to say that they are spamming or that they are trash only because of humanly-normal disagreements. Let's complain to each governor of each society because one day the milk man told us we have a bad haircut day...
Even more, each time anonymous came to complain about spamming on chat-box, the respective person received a nice, polite explanation it wasn't Coloholics members's fault.
They even have a complete staff to explain and guide the new members through the site and many threads where any type of roleplayer can feel free with his writing.

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